Superman Hidden Gems

I found this the other day- a Superman story written by J.M Dematteis and drawn by Ryan Sook about Superman venturing to hell to take on Neron to rescue the soul of Lois Lane-

  • I thought it was great, and it hit me that there HAS to be more like it. Great Superman stories that for one reason or another don’t get the attention that they deserve.

So what stories about the Man of Steel do you feel are underrated or overlooked?

What issue is that cover from? Tried searching for it but got lost in the hundreds of results.

I recommend reading Action Comics #850. It’s another one of those best of/one off stories but I loved it. Gave me some All-Star Superman vibes.

And not a Supes story but a Luthor one, I’d recommend Action Comics #890 - #899. Happens in between Blackest Night and Brightest Day and gives you a fresh look into the mind of Luthor. Has alot of appearances from other major villains and I think it helps to flesh out Superman’s archrival.


Superman: the Man of Tomorrow #15
The very last issue of this series-

And thanks for the recommendations- going to read that issue of Action Comics today!

This story right here, it’s about a woman who believes superman is an angel sent by God. DC Universe

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