Superman For All Seasons

I just finished reading Superman For All Seasons on here and I gotta say I loved it. The art was beautiful and the story was very inspirational, it definitely made my day. It’s stories like this that make me really proud to be a comic book fan, and a Superman fan as well.

I was wondering if anyone else on here read it, and if anyone did; what did you think?

Also, what’s your favorite Superman comic? Mine is All-Star Superman but this story would definitely be my second favorite.

Haven’t really explored the Blue Boy Scout that much, but I loved For All Seasons. It was so wholesome. The scene with Lana and Clark flying together for the first time sticks with me to this day.

Another series I really like is Red Son. In that Elseworld’s series, you see a Superman born in the USSR instead of in the US. What’s really interesting is how much of the basic Superman story remains despite the change in setting. Comparing the reader’s own understanding of Supes to the Supes on the page creates a sense of cognitive dissonance that I find to be fascinating.

While it’s not a Superman story exclusively, DKR III presents the classic story of Kandor in an interesting way. Without giving too much away, I will say that the series puts Supes at odds with his Kryptonian heritage in a powerful way. I’d recommend it to both fans of The Dark Knight Returns and Superman. Pro-Tip, though: Skip DKII. It has some important elements to understand DKR II, but it’s nothing a good Wikipedia article can’t clear up. The book itself is borderline trash.

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Read it and loved it. I liked how it wasn’t just a Superman story, but also a coming of age story…seeing the transformation of young Clark to Superman and the move from small town America to the big city. Of course we’ve seen this before many times, but Loeb and Sale brought a very nuanced sensibility to it that made it feel as though you were actually there.

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Favorite Superman comic? Man that’s a tough one. Can’t say I have one really…no one’s ever asked! For some reason when I read your question, " Superman: For Tomorrow" kept popping up in my head. The imagery in that one was powerful. I also really like the current “Unity Saga” run with Bendis and Reis run and feel like it will stay with me for a while when it’s over. All Star was a classic of course, and many people’s first choice, but I’m not a huge fan of how Quietly drew Superman.

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