[Superman Fan Club] :superman_fan_club: Year 2 Reading 5 September 30th 2021 Bronze Age Villains Take Over!

[Superman Fan Club] and Silver / Bronze Age Superman and Family Fans at large, this time around classic Bronze Age villains take over :0_lex_luthor:, and Batman and Robin visit! :thumbs_up_batman: :ttns_nightwinging:

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The curated selection this time around: ACTION COMICS (1938-) #339, ADVENTURE COMICS (1938-) #382, DC COMICS PRESENTS (1978) #50, SUPERMAN (1939-) #412, WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #77

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DC COMICS PRESENTS (1978-1986) #50 (10/06/82) DC Comics Presents (1978-1986) #50 50th Golden Jubilee Issue! The vastly-powerful Atomic Skull vs Superman and Clark Kent!!! We’ve been discussing this villain a bit in our private club area, and now here Atomic Skull is in blazing evil action!!!


ACTION COMICS (1938-) #339 (07/06/66) (25 pages) Action Comics (1938-2011) #339 A special double issue (wait, haven’t they ALL been special double issues???! Featuring Superman in “MUTO VERSUS THE MAN OF TOMORROW!” (Round 2) and Supergirl in “BRAINIAC’S KRYPTONITE TRAP FOR SUPERGIRL!” Well, the split Action Comics cover was a new concept anyway for DC at the time.


ADVENTURE COMICS (1938-) #382 (07/02/69) Adventure Comics (1938-) #382 The Superman / Supergirl Family Super Team split up!!


SUPERMAN (1939-) #412 (10/02/85) Superman (1939-) #412 “Boys, boys, stop your wrestling and come inside, your supper is getting cold!” Superman kills Lex Luthor and dooms Metropolis to a nuclear holocaust…maybe!


WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #77 (07/06/55) World's Finest Comics (1941-) #77 Superman loses his powers and Batman gains them! Oh no, not again!

Favorite Cover From This Silver and Bronze Age Reading Selection:
  • Action Comics #339
  • Adventure Comics #382
  • DC Comics Presents #50
  • Superman #412
  • World’s Finest #77

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Please let us know your thoughts these classic Silver and Bronze Age tales. Feel free always to post favorite panels / scenes etc from these exciting, entertaining and imaginative tales.

Up Up and Away!!!


Which one to read first…?


A Ha! There is a voting poll on favorite cover now!


Still waking up in the morning, I pick Superman teaming up with Clark Kent, that look really interesting.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah we have to figure out how that’s possible! we guess we’ll have to read it carefully.


I’ve been reading through DC Comics Presents here on DCUI and just got to #50 yesterday. I really enjoyed it. The story was pretty fun, but for me the big draw was Curt Swan pencils with Kurt Schaffenberger inks. Now THAT’s a team-up!


Yep Curt Swan was one of a kind!


Anyone else see a favorite cover here?

I just ordered this sweet appearance of Atomic Skull in The Flash comic of the Bronze Age.

George Perez cover

(not on DC Universe Infinite yet)