[Superman Fan Club] Y1 Reading 18 Feb 24 21 RA-DI-A-TION NIN-TE-EIGHT!

How-DEEE [Superman Fan Club] and other interested parties! For this fun session of Silver and Bronze Age excitement, we reflect on how casually folks in the mid 50s and mid 60s used radioactive material in everyday life, like wrist watches with radium to glow in the dark…or Red Kryptonite on the tip of an arrow for a Robin Hood exhibit in our Action story, say…or kids searching for Uranium in Jimmy Olsen’s story…and even in the Lois Lane comic it comes into play this time around in a way that will surprise you!!!
Oh, and the ‘70s Black Lightning stops by to say hi as well!

Behold these glowing and electrifying examples of Silver and Bronze Age excellence in storytelling: Action #330, DC Comics Presents #16, Superman #352, Jimmy Olsen #7 and Lois Lane #7!!!

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ACTION COMICS (1938-) #330 (released November 1965) DC UNIVERSE INFINITE “THE STRANGE ‘S’ SPELL ON SUPERMAN!” After being exposed to Red Kryptonite, Superman begins to steal things with the letter S on them! AND Supergirl continues her hopeless battle vs Dr. Supernatural.

DC Comics Presents #16 “Black Lightning” (released 12/79) When one of Black Lightning’s students seeks revenge against the hero after an accidental death, it’s up to Black Lightning and Superman to subdue him before the city is destroyed . (only available in black and white here)

DC RETROACTIVE: SUPERMAN - THE '80S (2011-) #1 DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Just read the second story for our purposes, it is an early 1980s tale from Superman #352 , October 1980 by Marv Wolfman, “Superman’s Day of Destiny.” This is the only digital version of the comic.

SUPERMAN’S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN (1954-) #7 (released September 1955) DC UNIVERSE INFINITE Continuing our “radiation is fun” theme of the Silver Age 1950s to 1960s, Jimmy and Superman create false mirages to convince kids to give up their search for uranium in the Badlands. Also, later, Jimmy is transported to 1869 by a time carpet. BTW, Marbles were SO BIG in the ‘50s!

SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE (1958-1973) #7 (released February 1959) DC UNIVERSE INFINITE “The Girl Who Stole Superman” Watch out, Lois, Lana Lang is in town!!!

As usual, please post your favorite parts, panels and pieces of historic culture hidden in these gems, just one of the many benefits of subscribing to DC Universe Infinite!


We’ll be sure to check out the World’s Finest comics in 2 weeks!

Those of you joining the Superman Radio Show Listen along may be amused to see Superman as a Robin Hood figure this time around in the comics selected.

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Yes! Red K makes for the best stories! :ant:


It’s like super catnip

That Action cover looks interesting


Well hello there Superman Fan Club. :wave: :superman_fan_club:

Another fun read through of books Don-El. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And now to dive into their stories… :nerd_face:

There may be a few puns used as well… :rofl:

Action Comics (1938-) #330 Summary

Definitely interesting seeing other times red kryptonite has affected Superman. :open_mouth:

And good 'ole modest Clark. :clark_hv_4:
Screenshot (1237)

This was a pretty funny explainer for why the red kryptonite affected Superman the way it did. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Screenshot (1239)

Looks like this was… The last straw… For these criminals… :rofl:
Screenshot (1240)

I also like how Krypto helped out Superman and having that “box” that contained his secret identity was brilliant! :ttns_gif_krypto:

After reading this story I think for a moment or two it would have Lex and Brainiac quake with fear until they also realized how to take down Dr. Supernatural. :00_lex_luthor: :robot:
Screenshot (1241)

It was also nice seeing the story connect with the previous story with Superman. :superman: :00_supergirl:
Screenshot (1242)

DC Comics Presents (1978-) #16 Summary

Black Lightning is phenomenal and a great teacher. :blacklightning:
Screenshot (1243)

Funny how Lois wanted to get a story still. :no_good_woman: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Screenshot (1244)

And another fun Black Lightning and Superman moment to end the reading was great. :grin:
Screenshot (1245)

Also having Superman being able to help out Hugh travel back through space was good. :star:

DC Retroactive: Superman The '80s #1 Summary

It would only be a few years later that they would find out what it would be like without Superman in Metropolis for a time. :fearful: :pleading_face:
Screenshot (1250)

Interesting seeing Destiny hold down Superman only for him to get back up. :sweat_smile:
Screenshot (1251)

Funny how Superman knew that Lana would predictably ask Superman a question his pre-recorded message would answer. :clark_hv_5:
Screenshot (1252)

And it was interesting the last conversation that Destiny had with Superman and then Superman seeing how he could help others as they also helped themselves. :sunglasses: :+1:

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954-) #7 Summary

It was funny seeing the kids go out thinking of being prospectors for uranium, although given the time period that made sense. :biohazard:

I guess this is also why they are called sandwiches… :rofl:
Screenshot (1269)

There are some strange things you would see if you are out in the desert for too long for sure… :eyes: :cactus: :man_dancing:
Screenshot (1270)

Screenshot (1271)

This was also a nice ending and lesson. :sunglasses: :+1:
Screenshot (1272)

The Hall of Scoops is fascinating, and I wonder if Scoop the computer might have a back room all to itself, or maybe not since Clark has to keep an eye out if someone asks a question he does not want answered. :superman_hv_4:
Screenshot (1273)

Jimmy’s right about having strange clothes being worn in the past. Where are his ancestors when he needs them? I’d also guess he could have gone by John Wanye as it was too soon to use Clint Eastwood. :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Screenshot (1274)

A nice invention Jimmy! Maybe ask Superman about the Legion of Superheroes for a hoverboard next time. :skateboard: :superman_hv_4:
Screenshot (1275)

Playing marbles was also very interesting as I remember getting some marbles at one point in my early years, but never played with them like the game in this book. :sweat_smile:

Also… Watch where you are going Chief Perry! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Screenshot (1276)

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane (1958-1973) #7 Summary

Uh oh. A Friday the 13th story. :fearful:
Screenshot (1277)

So many deaths did make it seem like it was too coincidental, and happy that it was figured out that it was all a hoax! :smiley:
Screenshot (1278)

It was interesting then seeing Lois try to forget Superman, and then like Clark more. :clark_hv_4:
Screenshot (1279)

Microscopic Vision is an interesting power. :microscope:
Screenshot (1280)

That certainly is an interesting way for Clark to tell Lois he is Superman. :clark_hv_5:
Screenshot (1281)

Wow! A super cake, and different colored lemonaides… I’d like some of that! :yum:
Screenshot (1282)

And… This is now one, of many, in my top Superman moments. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Screenshot (1283)

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Thanks once again for taking a ride on the [Superman Fan Club] train this week @ajm08g and for kindly sharing a travelogue of what you saw on your many literary journeys here (posting the panels is a good idea since no one would believe you otherwise LOL).

Some quick thoughts on your tasty slide presentation:

The moment of continuity your sharp eye noticed in Action #330 (Nov 1965) between the Superman and Supergirl stories that month: our deepest apologies, that was a new DC editor apparently in 1965 didn’t realize DC don’t do no stinking continuity over here…in 1965 that is.

Concerning the DC Rtroactive Superman the 80s reprint of Superman #352 from October 1980, that Destiny dude was way too powerful. Hopefully he will be showing up again anytime too soon…

The Jimmy Olsen reading revelation about the evolution of bicycles during the 1800s was kind of neat. I had really forgotten all about those super high bikes being the only ones made at first.

In the Lois Lane story of 1959, the reason you were surprised by his microscopic vision is: it’s such a tiny superpower, so it’s hard to see!

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I see what you did there… :joy:


I’ve decided that Superman exists in a non-Darwinian universe. My evidence is clear.

execution bird
No natural evolutionary process could produce an execution bird. An adaption for gathering food? No, it dissolves whatever touches into atoms. To attract a mate like peacock feathers? No, in fact I worry about their ability to reproduce as it is.

Item #2, Gur. He says his from a dark planet. Then he should evolve to use his sense of smell or echo location far more than sight. And his eyes, if they exist at all, should be giant bushbaby eyes. Finally, he’s a hero because he can make things glow? A race evolved in darkness would found this frightening and likely damaging to what little eyesight they have.
Conclusion: Intelligence design in the Superman universe.

Let’s not even go to the weird situation of the person’s name only having three letters and a planet only having three letters…

In Dark Horse’s Black Hammer series with the Jeff Lemire writing, the concept of intelligence design is really cranked up to 11… just as the Superman stories are a victim of the intelligent design of the pulp sci-fi writers that would write these often, in that series worlds are being created by writers and there’s a scene where you see writers standing and cloud surrounding their heads to portray them as the creators of these different versions of reality.

I don’t know what’s so appealing about a bird that can shock with its legs, but I do find it for some reason compelling. I mean we do have electric eels that swim in water right?

And how about this guy huh?


Maybe birds that electrocute with their feet aren’t all that out of place LOL

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