[Superman Fan Club] πŸ“» Superman Radio Listen Along 1st Atom Man Storyline πŸ“» Thursday October 7th 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

Hello everyone!

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Hey @patterson65.37405 How was your day today?

my my 2 minutes

Busy workday, but now I’m ready for a good Superman adventure.


Welcome @clucktrent


1 minute. Yeah, work was a tad crazy for me too today, but got out at a reasonable time lol

Let’s go!

Please note, to squeeze these 6 episodes into one viewing, I did some editing of intros towards the end.

I missed the previous episodes this time but have listened before

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Nice summary here too from Jimmy just now.


That Miller fellow is a smooth talker.

Audio commentary minus the DVD.

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Listen to those tires squeel

I was just thinking the same thing.

Again, surprises me that modern day dramas never allow actors to sound far off like they do here

My car in the late '70s sounded like that.