[Superman Fan Club] 📻 Superman Radio Listen Along 1st Atom Man Storyline 📻 Thursday October 7th 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT

It’s time again for the hot twice-a-month Thursday Evening [Superman Fan Club] :radio: Listen-Along :radio:, open to one and ALL!!!

6 radio show episodes in one master recording: The Adventures of Superman Radio Show episodes #1151-1156 (1945), the final parts 15-20 of first The Atom Man storyline, followed by the beginning episode for “Atom Man in Metropolis”!!!

The Atom Man in his guise as well-spoken Henry Miller apparently stands triumphant, and Metropolis may soon be obliterated by his radioactive power!!!

6 short episodes = a fun way to celebrate the halfway point of the week!!!

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments!

When: Thursday October 7th 2021 8 PM ET / 7 PM CT / 5 PM PT / 6 PM MT

We’ll launch the audio recordings in perfect harmony like the nuclear subs on the attack!

What to queue and save to Youtube Favorites beforehand:

There is one (1) recording of the 6 episodes we will be listening to and discussing live as they occur here in this thread Thursday evening:

The Adventures of Superman Radio Show episodes #1151-1156 6 episodes, Parts 16-20 of "The Atom Man, then the first episode of “The Atom Man in Metropolis” all in one recording!!!

Youtube 59 minute version: The Adventures of Superman Radio #1151-1155 The Atom Man pt 16-20 / The Atom Man in Metropolis Pt 1 - YouTube

Google drive: 59 minute mp3 audio file version: The Adventures of Superman #1151 - The Atom Man (part 16 20 and 1) [1945-10-31].mp3 - Google Drive

All of the recordings for these Listen Alongs are also in this Youtube Playlist: The Adventures of Superman 1940s Radio Show, with most commercials but not all removed - YouTube
All Superman Radio Show episodes are public domain.

      See you Thursday night!

. … . … . . . … :radio: Look, Up In the Sky!! :radio: … . . … .


Now on Thursday!!!


You gotta edit your eyeballs at the bottom lol


It might depend on the device you’re on but does it look any different?


Nah still Wednesday and I refreshed. That’s ok maybe it will just suddenly fix itself for me lol :joy: I tried putting up a Halloween profile pic and it still isn’t showing up except on the app side lmao

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What fun yeah I just got it was Wednesday instead of Thursday oopsy thank you


:crazy_face: now it says Thurdday and honestly I think that’s better than the actual pronunciation :joy:

Yeah just fixed that too fun fun fun



Third Day fourth day fifth day whatever your favorite is

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They really really beat up Superman on this radio show he is near death so many times


Lol it would be amazing to talk to someone who was a fan as a kid during the radio era and to see what they think of how invulnerable he’s gotten over the decades!

Yeah I keep thinking about when that must have changed. In the picture I feature on the post here he’s using a piece of wood, he is leveraging of all things.


Note the change in time as well as day. Hope to see everybody there!

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Hope to see everybody tomorrow night for our Thursday launch of the listen along

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A mere five hours before we witness the conclusion of the first Atom Man Battle with Superman!

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Looking forward to this tonight!

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I have to keep reminding myself it’s an hour earlier at 8 p.m. Eastern / 5 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. central.

And may I say Henry Miller is a well-spoken villain… for a homicidal maniac villain that is.

4 minutes. I have the Youtube version primed and ready to go!

Wow, 5 views / Listens already!