[Superman Fan Club] Reading #7 August First Selection, Silver Age / Bronze Age Reading August 12th, 2020

For our [Superman Fan Club] first reading in August, this will truly be the World’s Finest reading selection! This curated selection features the Batwoman of the 1950’s, Green Lantern and a slew of heroes that will seem familiar to you yet seldom seen here at DC!

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WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #89 (released July 1957) Click for World’s Finest 89 John Mayhew brings the Club of Heroes together and will give them a headquarters on one condition: they must select a chairman for the club.

WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #90 (released September 1957) Click for World’s Finest 90 Batwoman takes a capsule created by Jor-El that gives her superpowers for 24 hours! Goodbye Man Cave!!!

SUPERMAN (1939-) #241 (released August 1971) Click for Superman 241 Continuing the Amazing New Adventures of Superman with I Ching, from the early ‘70s! Something is wrong with Superman’s mind! This one has a “Sandman” too…kinda, lol…

DC Comics Presents (1978-) #6 (February 1979) Click for DC Comics Presents #6 Superman and Green Lantern team up to face Star Sapphire, who has wedding plans for Green Lantern.

ACTION COMICS (1938-) #317 (released October 1964) Click for Action Comics 317 “SUPERMAN’S RAINBOW FACE!” Red Kryptonite exposure causes Superman’s face to turn different colors based on his emotions!

Please let us know your thoughts below on our reverse-order reading selection as well as favorite art from these classics!

Has the time come for a Red Kryptonite Club too? How many Red Kryptonite stories are there I wonder……make your guesses below!


I love I-Ching! I have been reading late 60s Wonder Woman where he was introduced. He is like Mr. Miyagi for Diana and I can’t wait to read him with Superman! Was he in last month’s selection as well, that I missed because I completely forgot about it?

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Yes, he made his dramatic entrance during our reading last time around…the previous issue of Superman, #240.

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I have this bookmarked with a reminder set, Hopefully, this will remind me to read these Superman stories.

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Look, it’s Batwoman in her old costume!

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Anyone read this issue yet?

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I’ve read it before. It’s very amusing. You never can trust those wacky K-rocks.

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Yep, it’s one of those issues that find both entertaining and not sure the word is irritating but something like that. It’s fun, and Superman has to go through all these machinations to not get caught. But, he only has to do this because red Kryptonite allows the writers to be a bit lazy, come up with one gag and drive it into the ground. And of course Superman keeps looking at things guaranteed to elicit some emotional response putting him back into pretend jeopardy and then come up with the thinnest of escapes.
So, had a good time reading it, but am very glad we’re way past producing stories like this.

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Now, the Supergirl story I really liked, even though it’s very Silver age in silliness too.

One thing they do in both stories (and I don’t know why I started fixating on it) was completely ignore the curvature of the Earth. You can’t see this far from ground level and see it as this angle

I like the romance story setup for the Supergirl story mixed nicely with a superhero story.


Wait, the Earth is curved but not like…round,am I right lol?


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O’my goodness. The boys are super condensing to Batwoman in this story

And Superman is leading the charge in dissing Batwoman

And, I know if I was a kid at the time reading this I’d go “Oh, that’s how they got her cuz girls are scared of mice.”

And do like how in the end they admit, she’s pretty cool and can join the club, kinda.
Another bit of Silver Age silliness that was highly entertaining, just not in the way originally intended.


Superman #241, I’m still completely into this tory run. The saga of sand Superman continues with a few surprising twists.
In a way, it’s a twist of the old Silver Age where Superman turns into a jerk. But, I’m totally buying that this is the result of his accident. The crossover with Wonder Woman in Diana and I-Ching makes this even more interesting to me.

That I-Ching starts the road for role reversals on who the good guys are or aren’t is great.

Thanks to Superman Fan Club, don’t know if I would have ever read this stories and now they are definitely in my top tier favorites.


Yeah, I actually like Silver Age Batwoman, but the boys’ club mentality really wore thin.


Does the current Batwoman wear high heels to fight crime in?
I’m thinking not…

Maybe she should, degree of difficulty points there.

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I’m glad you also enjoy that particular early '70s run, I also think it’s a real gem, both story and artwork.

I’ve had like an Itch in the back of my brain telling me that I remember enjoying a lot of the stories of Superman in the mid-to-late 70s as well, but I’m having a hard time proving it because most of those issues are not in our DC digital library here. As you know from the club newsletter that we’ve been bouncing around the past couple of months, I’ve personally been in pursuit of actually purchasing snippets of the 70s Superman stories missing here, either through “best of” TPB collections or through individual issues (the TPB collections point to some of the very best and renowned Superman storylines in the “intro to” section’s pages).

Superman #296-299 is as good as is claimed I am currently finding.

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Totally agree. Frankly, one of my favorite parts of that issue is the cover where she is peering into the “man cave” of the boy’s club, and they are mortified, just hilarious.


I enjoyed pretty much everything outside of Action Comics. I don’t like seeing Lois being portrayed so clueless and the entire story relied on her naivety. The World’s Finest story with Batwoman was similar but it somehow made more sense to me than Lois brushing off skin color changes by sunlight.

Superman 241 was my favorite comic of the week. I am a fan of I-Ching so it was easy for me to jump into that story.


My apologies, I’m going to be a late posting the new reading.

I will make every effort to get that done tomorrow on Thursday.

I guess this is a “leftovers” chance to make any further comments on this particular reading.