[Superman Fan Club] Presents: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS Week 7

[Superman Fan Club] Presents: Challenge of the Secret Society of Super-Fans!

Welcome to Week 7 of a very special challenge / contest , reading one single issue a week (as they are digitally published that is) of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS (1976) #1-14 (and we hope the rare #15-16 plus other issues).

This time around: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #7, with Bob Rozakis, writer, and Rich Buckler, artist (Bob Layton, inks), finally rolling out a villain from the Superman side of things! And is that Superman I espy?


  1. Do you like the introduction of the Superman villain this issue?

  2. Where do you think the writer came up with the idea of a “Superman” movie being filmed way back in 1977?

  3. Do you think the shocking reveal about Funky Flashman means anything?

  4. What other 1970s “B” list DC heroes and villains do you wish would show up in this series?

  • Yes, I did!
  • Oops, I did not

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Here are the latest exciting standings of this very special limited-edition of Secret Society of Super-Fans

We once again have several very special pages from the original comic book to share this time around that are not part of the digitized version. I guess early 1977 was an exciting time to be a DC fan!

Letters page (April 1977)

More about Publisher Jenette Kahn and also Sol Harrison

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The Changing Man is about to arrive!

February is the Second Month, so of course there are some fabulous second issues at this unique time in DC history!

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OH NO!! Poooor Supes!

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1977 is my favorite year of comic books


1, I love Lex’s introduction. He shows up, acts like he owns the scene right from the start, puts Wizard in his place and takes out a cigar like I would.

  1. Gregory Reed dates back to Action Comics #414 in 1972. So he’s been a Superman movie actor for a while at this point.

  2. Not as much as what’s happening to The Wizard’s powers. Funky Flashman is in full flight in this fabulous fiction folio.

  3. Terra Man, Blackrock, Signalman and Chronos

other items

I’m still wondering what is in Thanagarian goulash.
It’s funny that Hawkwoman is mad because Hawkman is doing the cooking.
Taken out by a Superman actor, this won’t go down well on the ole resume.
Funky double cross!
The next time we see Lex is in the pages of Batman as he’s on trial for murdering the Dark Knight.


Yeah I’m not happy with that way too much information description from DC Universe Infinite on the link. It reminds me of these new movie previews that basically show you the whole film beginning middle and end including the surprise ending to get you to come watch the film… it’s like, I just saw the film in this preview, why would I waste time watching it for 2 hours?

It’s interesting that the actor playing Superman in the comics started popping up in 1972. Maybe the Superman movie of 1978 took six years to make?

I’ve been gradually collecting the Terra Man Bronze Age appearances that haven’t been digitized, I agree it would be great to have him show up in this series, along with the other fine villains that you list here!

Mixing Bruce Wayne against Lex Luthor directly can make for some compelling storytelling. I was surprised to see that come up in the new Superman: Space Age series by Mark Russell here on DC. I also hear it being mentioned for the new Titans Season 4 coming up on HBO Max.

I did. It was a bit understated and sudden, but it was very Lex. When it comes to these villain super-groups, Luthor usually just waltzes in and announces that he’s in charge now. I probably wouldn’t have it any other way for the greatest criminal mind of our time…

Because, here on Earth-Prime, Superman the Movie was being filmed in 1977! I’m glad it was the same on Earth-One, but, I’m sorry George Reed, Christopher Reeve is still my favorite Superman.

Oh, it definitely means something (or, at least, something a bit more than your average male pattern baldness). I’m just not quite sure what yet. I had a theory and quickly debunked it. I’m going to keep thinking and I won’t look it up because I don’t want to spoil it for myself. This series needed a good mystery and I’m glad that they are actually doing something with the Funky plot thread.

From the 1970’s, huh? …Not exactly my strongest era of DC knowledge. I believe that this series ends immediately after she debuted in Firestorm, but I would love to see Killer Frost. Otherwise, maybe Vartox? Vartox is fun and he could be either a villain or hero depending on his mood.

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Wikipedia (so, take it with a grain of salt) suggests that Ilya Salkind hadn’t secured the rights for Superman the Movie until 1974 and hadn’t come up with the idea until 1973. My guess would be that George Reed’s 1972 origins were more inspired by another George who played Superman on Earth-Prime TV…

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It was Gregory Reed

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Like Signalman, she got there eventually

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:laughing: thanks! But, I definitely made that slip-up for a reason…


Oh you mean Mr. Vartox 'I dress like I’m a professional wrestler ready to go into the ring"?

He kind of embarrasses me with his sort of lack of clothing? But his love for Lana is pure!

Yeah it was like a breath of fresh air when Lex walked in and kind of tried to take charge… if only to help me justify using this with the [Superman Fan Club] LOL. I think we had Superman show up for real for at least a panel or two so far right out of seven issues?

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Well, he was based on Zed from the movie Zardoz… I was going to post a picture of Sean Connery as Zed, but… nah… no one needs that. Just know that it’s pretty much just like Vartox. That’s one of the things I like about Bronze Age Superman. They included cameos of parodies of other fictional characters. Another good one was Captain Strong (aka Popeye).

He was in four panels of issue #5, so you’re good! :laughing:

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Thanks to Luthor, Hawkgirl, Felix Faust and Matter Master, this is my favorite story from the series. Kudos to the writing and artwork, except that I find it a tad unbelievable that such magic practitioners as the three villains could not figure out the Superman they were after was a phony.

And let’s give it up for Hawkman and Hawkgirl for showing such a progressive relationship for the time (but dang, Hawkman, put on a shirt next time!).


Agreed, nothing worse than chest hairs in the casserole!


Thank goodness he was wearing pants.


forget chest hair

now I’m thinking one of the ingredients for Thanagarian goulash is feathers


Now I’m hungry for spicy goulash!!

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