[Superman Fan Club] Presents: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS Week 10

[Superman Fan Club] Presents: Challenge of the Secret Society of Super-Fans!

Welcome to Week 10 of a very special challenge / contest , reading one single issue a week (as they are digitally published that is) of THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS (1976) .

This time around: THE SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #10, with Gerry Conway as writer (now freelancer) and Dick Ayers, guest artist with Jack Abel, guest inks! If you love comics with multiple storylines all over the place like something exploded, you’ll LOVE this one.

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  1. Should Captain Comet consider picking on someone his own size?

  2. So where exactly did Jean Loring end up by the end?

  3. Does it make the most sense that the Wizard of Earth 2 has been the big bad all along since issue #5?

  4. Any other cool flying cars this time around other than the Groddmobile?

  5. Did you recognize all the new members of the group at the very end?

  6. Will you miss Funky Flashman? Any idea where he appears next?

The next chapter is in Super Team Family #14 but unfortunately there is no Super Team Family on DC Universe Infinite (maybe that will reveal the whereabouts of poor comatose Jean L). A few of us hopefully will have that issue in hand before next time, so be watching for previews of what was inside!!

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Here are the latest exciting standings of this very special limited-edition of Secret Society of Super-Fans

We’ll be posting images from Super Team Family #14 hopefully in the coming days here, so stay tuned!!!

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Is this the best issue yet?

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  1. I don’t think he’s ever gone against Dr. Psycho. He’s probably giving him less bruises than Grodd.

  2. Ivy Town, where Ray lives. They get married in JLA #157 less than a year later.

  3. He did need some new tricks. Read all about it in his new book “The Wizard and the Deathly Hallows.” Hey both sets had a cape and a power stone.

  4. Can Captain Comet’s 1964 Coup de Ville fly? That thing looked like it got about 3 miles to the gallon.

  5. Oh yes.

  6. He appears in the next issue.

Not only Super Team Family #14 but DC Special #6

This is my pick as the best issue associated with this series.


Let the Secret Society of Super-Villains Special,
Shine a light on me.
Let the Secret Society of Super-Villains Special
Shine it’s ever loving light on me!

Here’s hoping this one appears in the next few weeks on DC Universe Infinite!

If not, this will be another great issue for my bi-weekly search for how to spend $30 bucks on Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family goodness!

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I think that old car of Captain Comet’s probably can fly based on this list of his abilities below:


In fact at first glance it looks like it’s flying here but I guess that would be the Streets of San Francisco LOL…

Abilities Superhuman strength and invulnerability Immense telekinetic and telepathic powers Flight Superspeed Tremendous intellect Photographic memory Concussive energy shot Aura vision Teleportation Clairvoyance Postcognition Extended lifespan Accelerated healing Invisibility

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Well, he should definitely consider not taking his eyes off the 600 lbs. gorilla.
Grodd Smash Comet
Sometimes we just bring heartache (or headache) on ourselves…

Ummm… well…
Black Lantern Jean

Not really. It makes sense that Wizard would want the Sorcerers treasures with his own magic powers fading. That part makes sense to me. However, Wizard brought up a good point while being booked. If he already had all that money, then…
Wizard why
I think Wizard is a patsy here. The question is, who was he set up to take the fall for…?

New from Secret Society of Super-Villains toys: Captain Comet’s Chevrolet Vega!
Captain Comet Car
*Each vehicle slightly used but comes complete with battle damage (from the time I accidentally backed up into that partition and the time I misjudged and hit the curb)!

New Secret Society
From left to right: Angle Man, Sinestro, no is Bizarro, and, my girl, Poison Ivy!

As fun as some light ribbing of Stan Lee can be, I will not miss Funky as the constant alliteration gets old after awhile. I have no idea where he’ll end up next, but my best guess is he returns in a New Gods book since that’s where he started.

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Thanks @TheCosmicMoth !

Concerning the Wizard’s culpability, I am thinking that, while he may not have needed the money, maybe he needed the bodies to assist with grabbinh all these artifacts?

Admittedly, I’m looking at the covers to come and the new improved Wizard we’re going to run into, and that is sort of slanting my view of all this, although I have not reread the issues recently.

Maybe what I’m seeing here isn’t the Wizard of Earth 2 at all?

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Awww… spoilers, @Don-El! …Jk, it’s all good. But, yes, it looks like that is the new-look Wizard on that cover, so I guess he had me fooled…

Time will tell

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Here’s a couple of previews from Super Team Family # 14 that follows the events of this comic! (You may need to scroll up once you get there)

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