[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Reading Event of the Year: Week 9! Superman #131 (1959) Adventure Comics #286 (1961) October 31st 2023

Welcome to the [Superman Fan Club] Event of the Year that started September 5th, 2023! DC Universe Infinite is releasing digital versions of Superman-related Silver Age comics week after week for a month and maybe two or three!!

Week 9: October 31st

Superman #131 (cover date August 1959)

(link above blurred to avoid spoilers)


My favorite story in Superman #131 is:
  • The Menace of Mr. Mxyzptlk!
  • The Unknown Super-Deeds!
  • Superman’s Future Wife!
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If you like, please tell us why you chose these particular tales to be the best!

Here’s the link to where all 7 of the recently-digitized Superman Comics of the early Silver Age are located:


Adventure Comics # 286 (cover date July 1961)
(better late than never, it’s finally here!)

(link above blurred to avoid spoilers)


My favorite story in Adventure Comics #286 is:
  • The Witch of Smallville
  • Tales of the Bizarro World: Bizarro: Private Detective
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Please share any favorite panels from this time around below.

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Starting next week, there will be one new Silver Age Superman-related comic per week during November, and we’ll plan to keep this party going!


Who is Superman’s future wife? I’ll read it soon, but if it turns out to be Martha Stewart, I’m giving up on the story!


I’m pretty sure what her initials will be but I guess we’ll find out