[Superman Fan Club] PRESENTS: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Superfans!

[Superman Fan Club] PRESENTS: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Superfans!!!

Welcome to Week 1 of a very special challenge / contest for any who are brave and bold enough to join us in reading one single issue a week from the current digitized DC Universe Infinite collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family comics for either a year or until everyone screams “Uncle!”

First up: WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #78 (September 1955) (13 pages, just the team up story is available on DC Universe Infinite) World's Finest Comics (1941-) #78

Someone has been announcing that Clark Kent is Superman and challenging Superman to prove it false. Superman asks Batman and Robin to help him find the culprit.

Note in the voting below when you have looked over this issue by noting “yes.” Your icon will appear so we can track who is the most SuperFan of all in the coming months!!!

I flipped through WORLD’S FINEST COMICS (1941-) #78
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(I just can’t get enough of this version of the Batmobile)




How old is Robin? Or did GPD give him a special license?


Is it just perpetual darkness in Gotham?

You know Clark, maybe bulldozing through farms and private property isn’t the best tact. And I think DEC is going to have some choice words with you.

Well that’s cool! TIL how old time marques worked :smiley:

Remember kids, don’t speed or Superman will introduce you to mach 6!


Wow you found some treasures in this Silver Age mine, @Bar-El !

I’m assuming Batman put that humongous fin on the back of his car so he could figure out which car was the Batmobile when he went to the parking lot in the 50s…


Ya gotta love this typical crafty explanation for “in continuity” plot wackiness.


:rofl: omg wow!

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The over explanations in this era used to annoy me but now I look forward to it :rofl: Please Batman, recap the entire story I just read but from a slightly different perspective because otherwise how could I possibly imagine what’s going on here in my own :rofl: I feel like a kid and I like it!


Wait Batman was Superman, Superman was Superman, Batman was Batman, Superman was Batman, and Superman was the villain, I’m so confused.
At least Robin was Robin and not Jimmy Olsen, I think.


One of the best


Fun. I’m up for this.


It does get a tad confusing in these early tales.

Was Robin ever Jimmy or was Jimmy ever Robin… I got a feeling about this…

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I’m glad they went from sharing a comic title but having two separate stories to later actually having one story that was a team up per issue.

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Good to have you on board! Enjoy.

I wish I had giveaways like the Pep cereal ones for this particular contest.

That reminds me, I’ve got to put together the Listen Along for this coming Wednesday!

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Welcome to the community @rudirepulsion.17860! Please let the moderator team know if you need anything. :superman:


Anyone else want to join us in this weekly reading one issue a week adventure?

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I love Dick Sprang’s art.

Yes Superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers. It’s kind of in his mission statement.

Yes folks a giant phonograph at an electronics show. It is 1955.

A stern lecture for drag racing teens? It is 1955.

Imagine this story in the last thirty years… Superman lures Batman out of Gotham City to save him from a mob trap then impersonates Batman to capture the criminals troubling “his city.” The absolute Bat Rage…


I’m trying to remember if Batman did the same thing for Superman a couple of times. We’re hoping he steps in on the radio show storyline “Super Sleuth” from 1947 we’re currently listening to.

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I recall him disguising himself as Clark a bunch to fool Lois.

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Oh absolutely including in this particular comic that we read.

I’m also wondering if Batman ever intervened for Superman in Metropolis to fight a villain that Superman couldn’t go near, like say a villain covered with Kryptonite.

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