[Superman Fan Club] PRESENTS: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Superfans! Week 4

[Superman Fan Club] PRESENTS: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Superfans WEEK 4!!!

Welcome to Week 4 of a very special challenge / contest for any who are brave and bold enough to join us in reading one single issue a week from the current digitized DC Universe Infinite collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family comics for 52 weeks!

This week:

DC Comics Presents #67 (March 1984)

Superman and Santa Claus join forces against Toyman!

Note in the voting below when you have looked over this issue by noting “yes.” Your icon will appear so we can track who is the most SuperFan of all in the coming months!!!

I flipped through DC Comics Presents #67 ho ho ho
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The Challenge of the Superfans to date:

Superfans all!



A fun Christmas story, and Santa’s Toys beating Toyman toys was the best. I did miss not seeing Rudolph though.


So is it accurate to call Santa the first superhero?


Now that was a fine slice of Bronze Age Superman goodness!

We had the Bronze Age version of Toyman, we had Superman’s Bronze Age childhood version, and nifty scientific weapons against Superman that actually made some sense and were not Kryptonite-based, along with the fine line work of Curt Swan.

The genius idea of having someone else’s toys (Santa’s) fighting Toyman’s toys is a really good twist!

It appears it’s not just @Vroom who likes to collect the toys of their youth!

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We both agree on the toy battle for sure!

I wonder if Rudolph is a copyrighted name?

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An interesting question. I think he’s at least as legitimate as using Amazons or Greek gods and goddesses as superheroes in comics.

Bonus, millions of people below the age of six actually believe in Santa too, unlike Greek gods and goddesses.

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Solid issue! It doesn’t get much better than Curt Swan.

SN: I collect toys from my childhood youth and my kid at heart youth (i.e. today) as well. :wink:


What a cover from the great Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!

I read this about a decade after it came out. I thought Bibbo made a Pre-Crisis appearance on the first page.

You can’t be real…pot meet kettle

Santa’s worldwide surveillance system was purchased by Batman in 1989 with his movie royalties.

You’re good Winslow, but you just got beat by the best toymakers in the world.

Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson on art, doesn’t get much better than that.

E. Nelson Bridwell always had a knack for the younger kids stories in the 1970s and 80s.


Agreed, it’s a classy looking comic, the likes of which we won’t be seeing modern day.

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I really enjoyed this one. It came out less than a year before I started going to the comic shop regularly. DC Comics Presents #76 was my first issue of this series. I really do enjoy this era of Superman and DC in general.
And I’ve also always enjoyed Christmas comics. I re-read Batman and the Outsiders #19, with a Superman guest appearance, last week. Also a great issue.

(I really need to figure out how to add images)


That’s pretty cool you just started buying right around the time of this issue!

If you can figure out how to do a screenshot on your device / PC/ etc then you just go to where those are stored and you can clean them up using either Gallery with an Android or some other function on your PC like Paint.

Then you would attached what you came up with using the little upload arrow in your reply:


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oddly my upload arrow isn’t in the same spot

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Oh I’ve seen that that’s when it’s from a phone

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Super cover! I definitely followed this series when it came out in the 80s, I was a huge Mike W Barr fan!

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It’s only Week 4 of our 52-week challenge of the Super Fans reading fun. Who else wants to join in this weekly banquet of silver and bronze age Superman and family goodness?

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Omg another amazing pick @Don-El!

After hiking in 14° yesterday, this actually scared me.

Is this an example of how the original colors would mix with the paper color and look brown here but the digital process doesn’t capture that since they put the colors on a white background instead of the slightly off white paper?

Omg it’s the cape pocket!! :partying_face:



I’ve missed the Cape Pocket in the new Superman Comics

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I’m sure it will come back. These things always do :yum: actually there was a comic recently where Clark is explaining to Lois why he was, yet again, wearing a different suit that day because a homeless person found his clothes stash and was wearing it and Clark felt the guy needed it more than him. Perfect opportunity to bring back the pocket!!!

Oh sweet I’ve still got the screen shot!

I would love a cape pocket! Not that I wear a cape, but it seems to be able to hold more than it should and I’m here for that!