[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Super Fans, Week 12

[Superman Fan Club] PRESENTS: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Superfans WEEK 12!!!

Welcome to Week 12 of a very special challenge / contest reading one single issue a week from the currently- digitized DC Universe Infinite collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family comic!

This time around: SILVER AGE!

ADVENTURE COMICS (1938-) #384 Adventure Comics (1938-) #384

“The Planet of the Heroine Haters” (released September 1969)

I flipped through ADVENTURE COMICS (1938-) #384
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Here are the latest exciting standings of this very special limited-edition of The Challenge of the Superfans

Please do let us know your thoughts on this historically-compelling tale!!


1969 eh? Still up to these Silver Age shenanigans right up to the end I see. Watch out, the Bronze Age is about to come charging in!


When I saw the cover, I thought this would just be another Supergirl finds romance story, but it turned out to be a bit more. Appropriately it came out about the time of the women’s lib movement, and the twist at the end was unexpected.


Thanks for stopping by again and for sharing your thoughts.

I’m planning to do this all year however I will continue to only show this in 13 weeks segments I suppose.

So there will be four challenges over a year’s time.














Funny, I just read that a week ago, originally thought another Supergirl romance tale, but this one had a surprising twist. I wonder if this technically makes Volar DC’s first lesbian or trans character. The backup was an interesting twist on ReD K, instead of a physical effect a mental one, I liked it.

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A 21 year old Cary Bates writes “The Heroine Haters.” This one could be rewritten for a Supergirl issue today where the mask/ voice combo could be replaced with a full body transformation. Unfortunately, we leave the story right as we get to the good part where Volar now has to do heroic deeds in a new guise. I just wish Kurt Schaffenberger had done the art.

Kurt does stop by to do the art for “Supergirl’s Greatest Failure” which is written by Robert Kanigher. Kurt definitely gives us some of the 1960s flavor in those outfits and hair. Yes the US did have high speed rail in 1969, one for the DC-NY corridor and that was it for a few decades. Always check your flags when the red looks extra bright Supergirl.


Lynn Gold points out the major Super Family events of 1939, 49, 59 and now 69 with Supergirl getting the lead in Adventure. She asks what 1979 would bring? Superman by then had a movie, Superigrl was in Superman Family and a new Super comic, DC Comics Presents, had been launched.


An interesting issue this time around for sure.

I greatly appreciate Digital Comics Museum and Comic Books Plus for their free offerings of public domain Golden and Silver Age scanned / digitized comics. I especially am thankful the original ads and letter pages are there.

As you highlight here, Silver Age comics are great primary historical references for 60s culture, technology, values and lifestyle.

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I enjoy those sites as well.

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Thanks for joining in again this time around!

I’m totally going to have to do search on red kryptonite and it’s effects on the various Supes.

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Who else is up to the challenge?

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Apologies to all, it’s a busier time than usual at work this week so I’m actually going to wait until tomorrow to post the next challenge.

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Definitely one of the more interesting issues. The twist plot line of the first story about the planet that hated women reminded me a lot of typical Star Trek / Outer Limits or Twilight Zone episodes from the 60s, really more of a reflection on our own society.

If he’s a hit or a Miss hahaha

For that second story Superman really gets kind of bizarre and harsh in the one flashback:

After enjoying an episode of Smallville the other day, funny seeing Red Kryptonite doing even more mischief here: ( @Bar-El )

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