[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Issue a Week of Superman Silver and Bronze Age Challenge of the Super Fans, Week 11

Challenge of the Superfans WEEK 11!!!

Welcome to Week 11 of a very special challenge / contest reading one single issue a week from the currently- digitized DC Universe Infinite collection of Silver and Bronze Age Superman and Family comic!

This time around: SILVER AGE!

SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #14 (RELEASED 09/02/59) Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #14 “THREE NIGHTS IN THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE!” Lois spends three nights in the Fortress of Solitude, as Superman schemes to prove it would not be the ideal honeymoon cottage. These two need counselling even BEFORE they get married!

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Haven’t read it yet, but will definitely get to it.:grinning:


It’s got all your favorite characters and it’s fun!


I love the Curt Swan cover.


Otto Binder and Kurt Schaffenberger bring us this tale as Lois tries once again to prove that she’d make the perfect wife for Superman. I mean she’s already got a display in the museum, she’s got to be most of the way there. The usual hijinks ensue and Lois can’t wait to get back home. Interesting note, another LL also knew Superman’s secret identity. Earlier in 1959, Lori Lemaris was created by Bill Finger and her telepathic powers allowed her to know Superman’s secret.


The second story is by Robert Bernstein and in this one Lois gets to turn the tables. This time Lois runs the scam with the help of a talented GI and it works. It’s a happy ending for everyone except for “Super-Idiot.” This one qualifies as a feel good hidden gem.

LOIS LANE’S SECRET ROMANCE is written by none other than Jerry Siegel. Supergirl, we read the story where Lois and Clark get married and adopt you. Pick another dream because it just isn’t going to work. See Batman, you leave all these crooks tied up with notes and someone’s going to copy your handwriting. Then again, cursive writing will be an effecting secret code in a few years. Supergirl’s scheme failed, but at least the orphanage got some funds.


As always I greatly appreciate your insights on these issues. Someday you’ll have to reveal your origin story and how you came upon these vast comic book knowledge superpowers.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the more recent All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison took this idea of Three Nights in the Fortress in his story along with several other Silver Age concepts… Including having some Greek gods show up and fight over things with Superman.

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I’ve got a backlog but it’s still on the list!


I can’t help but imagine an episode of Superman and Lois where he regales their sons with the story of the time he had his robot spank her, much to Lois’ embarrassment.

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Well there’s definitely a lot of drama this time around in season 2 so who knows…

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Enjoyable tales, and pretty standard fare for Lois Lane stories. Supergirl trying to get Superman married is also par for the course.
However, when Lois saw the box for CK, it reminded me of our recent radio adventure of Superman and Clarks hidden will, as a method to fool folks.
Till next time.

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So you’re the legal guy, tell me about that will again in the radio adventure. I didn’t really understand that scene too well.

Did Supes leave his suit there for the Scotland Yard detective to see?

Maybe you two can help me figure this out too? @patterson65.37405 @Bar-El


Clark faked a will and hid it in the closet while Bruce was distracting the detective. In the will he gave his library to Superman. Therefore implying Clark and Superman were two different ndividuals.Classic misdirection.


Fun stories but Superman went a little too far in the first story, including the spanking. That pet was actually kind of cute.
I’m glad there was a reason for Lois’s meanness in the second story as I didn’t think she would be that way.


Can we all agree that Superman has his jerk moments?


Doesn’t everyone?


I’m trying to remember if this topic comes up on the radio show. I’m thinking there was something about Batman and Robin but let’s hope I have a bad memory.

I guess in my mind Superman isn’t a jerk and wouldn’t act that way but there were certainly times when he was written like that.


I was SOOO ready to point out to everyone upon reading this issue that the spanking scene is just fine because the robot did it…but…


!st of three entertaining stories, “Three Nights in the Fortress of Solitude.” I’ll repeat, I’m real sure Grant Morrison incorporated at least parts of this story in his All-Star Superman. Yeah, too bad it turns out Superman manipulated the robot to hurt Lois Lane so bad she couldn’t sit down, yeeesh.

As I’m reading the above well-drawn scene outside the Fortress of Solitude, I’m thinking, “wow, these two are just not on the same wavelength even a little.” Talk about thought balloons passing in the night…

Story #2, “Lois Lane’s Soldier Sweetheart”

To me, the mystery in this scene is, as these WACs tell Lois that she is the renowned girlfriend of Superman, why would they think that? I haven’t seen anything in these stories yet that would make me even slightly suspicious that these two are a thing. More like bickering co-workers…

Nice to see Lois finally get the upper hand on Superman and fool him for once.

Rockin story #3, “Lois Lane’s Secret Romance.”

First, it’s fun and feels historically important that this appearance of Supergirl had to be one of her first. There’s an attempt at continuity here, as the writer notes that Supergirl just very recently arrived on the scene, same year.

Supergirl, I’ll take my x-ray-soaked steaks medium never please…yikes! I think radium glowing watches were still a thing then too…

One of my favorite lines in the comic, 'become my Bat-Queen" hahaahahahha.

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What doesn’t everyone still have a radium glow in the dark watch, though sometimes, it looks like I’m the one glowing.

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