[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Event of the Year! Week 3: September 19 - Superman #125 (1958) + Adventure Comics #284 (1961)

Welcome to the [Superman Fan Club] Event of the Year that started September 5th, 2023! DC Universe Infinite is releasing digital versions of Superman-related Silver Age comics week after week for a month and maybe two or three!!

Week 3: September 19

Superman #125 (November 1958)

(link blurred to avoid spoilers)

My favorite Superman #125 (1958) story is:
  • Lois Lane’s Super Dream
  • Clark Kent’s College Days
  • Superman’s New Power
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If you like, please tell us why you chose that particular tale to be the best!

Adventure Comics #284 (May, 1961)

(link blurred to avoid spoilers)

“Clark Kent Goes to Reform School”

What did you think of this Red Kryptonite tale? Reform schools / dropouts were all the rage in 1961, Rebel Without a Cause etc.

Bonus, this time the Aquaman story is also included!

Whose artwork appeals to you most, Curt Swan for the Superboy story or Jim Mooney for Aquaman?

Please share any favorite panels from this time around below.

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Here’s that crazy cover again, this time from the new digital version released today:

I did have to trim the top a tad, shame digitizers, shame!


The rainbow hands Supes cover! Man, I used the rainbow hands Supes cover as my forum icon on so many old DC forums back in the days of BBS forums. Definitely got a nostalgic soft spot for this one.
:rainbow: :leftwards_hand:


Good stories this week! My favourite is probably Superman’s New Power just because of all the cute nonsense. But the others were pretty good too, so it was really close!

Lois Lane’s Super Dream
Hey look! The first appearance of Power Girl! …sorta.

-I can’t believe Lois risked her life climbing on ledges to get a one-week-early peek at a SCIENCE FAIR. It must be a really REALLY slow news week for Metropolis.

-Clark Kent as a “superhero” is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. I mean, that warning light hat thing? Going full ostrich when he’s scared? The perpetual look of worry on his face?! The guy flew all the way to a jungle to squeeze out rubber from trees to make a giant life-preserver instead of… you know… just lifting up the boat wtf. I want a whole series of zany Power Man adventures!

-Speaking of the life-preserver though, I think Lois was 100% in the wrong. She destroyed an ENTIRE ecosystem to keep the boat from sinking. That’s just as ridiculously inefficient as the life-preserver! I mean, all those dead pond dwellers? Waterfowl nesting grounds ruined?! You might be upsetting a bird’s entire migration pattern! I am a birder so this UPSETS ME.

As someone that recently bought a house during the crazy price increases, this panel makes me oof. $20,000 it’s not even fair.

Clark Kent’s College Days
I can only imagine the stuff Supes did in college. You never really hear much detail about his college days. His stories always seem to go from kid to adult with nothing really in between.

-So… yes… can we mention the award-winning scientist that specializes in CHEMISTRY being somehow duped by Superman into believing that 14 small helium balloons could lift an average college freshman into the air? YEP.

-Also why is said professor going full villain mode for literally no reason? Waving around kryptonite and making threats wtf? Sure he says he just “wanted to solve a riddle” and he wouldn’t reveal Supe’s identity to anyone, but dang.

Superman’s New Power
Spoiler Alert: No actual rainbows involved!

-I kinda wish Superman got to keep the ability to shoot tiny dudes out of his hands. Such a fun power. Also tiny Supes IS cute, even if he says calling it cute is nonsense. CUTE NONSENSE.

-I love how the cover is all happy and has Superman shooting out rainbows, but the actual story? NO RAINBOWS. You get Superman purposely sending a tiny dude out to his death just because he’s jealous, and then only later wondering if said tiny dude was actually a sapient being. And that is a pretty dark storyline. Opposite of rainbows, I would say.

Clark Kent Goes to Reform School
-I’m kinda iffy about reform schools. I mean I agree with them on principle, some kids can just be brats sometimes and need a good wakeup call. But back then they’d be throwing kids in these schools just for acting “different” which led to a lot of them being filled with children with special needs. Lots of autistic kids were sent there and mentally tortured because no matter how much the school attempted to make them act “normal”, they literally could not act that way. Of course, you also had LGBT people tossed in there, and I feel like conversion camps kind of arose from reform schools, so that’s a whole messed up thing.

-That kid Hank was a brat and needed a good wakeup call. Glad he got one.

The Charge of the Sea-Soldiers
-Am I reading this right?! This guy is literally saying that he’s DESALINATING AN ENTIRE GULF and Aquaman is initially okay with this?! He is KING OF THE OCEAN and he doesn’t immediately realize this is gonna mess everything that lives there up? The fish! The birds! Why! You really are a shell-head, Aquaman…

:rainbow: :zebra: This comic brought to you by Fruit Stripe gum! Enjoy delicious fruit flavor even though it only lasts for five seconds! :zebra: :rainbow:

As for the artwork, this one’s kind of a toughy. I really enjoy them both! I guess maybe I enjoy Curt Swan’s art a little more since Jim Mooney’s can get a little janky in places. But at the same time I’ve thought Mooney’s faces can be drawn pretty good but it’s always a hit or miss.

(Also I cleaned up the rainbow hands picture for use in future fun photoshops! Cleaned up version with no background)


You can tell that at the time DC was trying to tell the world that they were really working hard at having educational comics for kids. So occasionally we’ll get long stretches of super boring simple science lecture stuff and then back to throwing the 5th grade 1960 science book out the window and making it up as we go along.

Nice version of Superman rainbow fingers on your Imgur!


Superman’s New Power was easily the best story in the Superman issue, but Lois Lane’s Super Dream was…I don’t know if it was funny intentionally or unintentionally. But would I want to read some more adventures of Power Girl and Power Man? Most definitely!

And we thought the glasses disguise for Clark Kent/Superman was lame! A moustache? Yeah, I myself have to keep shaving so I don’t risk being reported as a missing person. :roll_eyes:


I agree with you and @MoukaYuki , I would also love to see a limited series of Power Girl and Power Man DC Style!


Do the superheroines of today wear high heels? I’ll have to go check that out.


If this story had been written in the 1960’s, she no doubt would have worn go-go boots!


I’d like to see a disco-themed superhero in go-go boots! (Watch there already be one, and I’ve just never heard of them)


Yes that would surely be a real Dazzler


And we’re right back to the miracle conceits! “Superman’s New Power” is one of my favorite Superman stories of all time (it would probably crack my top ten). It’s a story about what happens when your work over shadows you as a person. The plot literally separates Superman, the man, from his powers or the things he does. He finds himself growing jealous of the little man that shoots from his hands as he realizes that people never really cared about him so much as they cared about what he was capable of. The little man stole the spotlight because it was now him stopping criminals and saving lives. Superman, the person, became an afterthought.

This is a story I point to to prove that Silver Age Superman had very realistic, human personality traits. We clearly see Superman acting jealous and being petty just as real people sometimes are. This isn’t an accident and we’re not supposed to just ignore it as it is a major plot point of the story. I also think it asks a really valuable philosophical question about life. Are you just the things you do, a composite of your actions and deeds, or is there something deeper, more important that defines a person’s identity? Are we fated to be overshadowed by what we do or do not accomplish in life? I think these questions drive Superman’s jealousy and angst as the story progresses and ultimately leads to him asking about the little man’s own sense of self by the end. Was the little man just a collection of actions linked to Superman’s intentions or was there something deeper?

It’s a bizarre story with some over-the-top plot elements, but, whenever I read it, I see this rather stunning identity crisis put to page. I believe I mentioned this before in a Superman Fan Club message thread, but this story also perfectly encapsulates what I’ve heard was Mort Weisinger’s greatest identity crisis while acting as editor of Superman. Mort had career aspirations outside of comics, but was worried that his work on Superman overshadowed his own talents. Like, Superman was the little man that came out of Mort and took all the credit. There’s just so much to unpack from this story.

Last note: I own a reprint of this story in the Giant Superman Annual #7. In the reprint, they chose to recolor the rays from Superman’s hands into rainbows to match the original cover.

“Lois Lane’s Super Dream” was kind of fun in how it showed exactly how Lois thinks of Clark. It’s just hilariously brutal. It’s not my favorite “Lois with powers” story from the Silver Age, though. No, that title goes to “Lois Lane, the Supermaid from Earth” from Superman #159. “Clark Kent’s College Days” was a fun battle of wits between Supes and Professor Maxwell, and a rare Silver Age story that covered that time in between Superboy leaving Smallville and being the Superman of Metropolis. If you want to see more of that, I’d recommend checking out Superman: The Secret Years which covers his college days in great detail.

I also really enjoyed “Clark Kent Goes to Reform School” from Adventure Comics #284. Whenever I see the words “Red Kryptonite Story” then I’m pretty much sold. I like how “John Doe” wishes he could have powers to protect people when he sees the Superboy robot and Krypto in action. It’s very telling as to who he is deep down that he has that instinct even when he can’t remember anything. I also like the fact that Hank saved the warden’s dog in the end. Very few characters in the Silver Age were ever all bad or beyond redemption.

I’m still really happy these issues are being digitized!



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Initially, I was going to say Lois Lane’s Super Dream, since it was the funniest and the Silver Age conceit work a lot better with dream logic at times. That said, @TheCosmicMoth I think did a good job convincing me of the merits of Superman’s New Power having a little more going on to it than just someone throwing ideas out the wall to make deadline.

The funniest bit about that story was how Pa Kent nearly got young Clark out of that situation, but then Pa just assumed that this had to be a ruse on Clark’s part and just left him. Goes to show what happens if you routinely lie and manipulate your friends and family, I suppose! :rofl:

The Swan art is very clean, expressive, and iconic, but I think Mooney’s was a little more dynamic and impressive.


Thanks! I’m glad to hear it. I love that story so much… It’s just so dumb yet still so, so good…

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