[Superman Fan Club] Presents: The Event of the Year Continues: Superman #124 & Adventure #283!

Welcome to The Event of the Year that started September 5th, 2023, DC Universe Infinite is releasing digital versions of Superman Silver Age Comics week after week for a month and maybe two or three!!

Week 2 : September 12

Two great Silver Age Superman Family Classics!

Superman #124

(link is blurred to avoid spoilers for this 65 year old story)

My favorite story in Superman #124 was:
  • “The Super-Sword”
  • “Mrs. Superman”
  • “The Steeplejack of Steel”
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Adventure Comics 283

(link is blurred to avoid spoilers for this 62 year old story

The first appearance of General Zod!

Please share any favorite panels from this time around below.

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For sure, one of these three stories is quite eye popping!


First appearance of Zod, I’m down for that!



That is so cool! I’ve always wondered about Zod! Now I can read his first appearance!


So my favourite this time around was definitely “The Super-Sword” because it was so ridiculous it was good. What an absolute ROUNDABOUT way to lure in a criminal, 10/10 for creativity, 0/10 for efficiency.

The Super-Sword
We are starting off strong on the very first page! “Jimmy! Call the police! The Black Knight wounded Superman!” Yeah Lois, what do you think the police are gonna do? They’ll eagerly get RIGHT on that whole ‘arresting the guy strong enough to hurt Supes’ thing.

I wanted to crack wise about climate change and the random iceberg floating into the Metropolis harbor, but once I realized it was staged it kinda ruined the joke. ALAS.

Did anyone else realize Superman was faking the moment he got stabbed in the arm but for some reason decided he needed a crutch? Way to yuck it up Supes - you have many super abilities but lying is apparently not one of them.

:arrow_down:This is the best version of Perry White and nobody can tell me otherwise.

Mrs. Superman
“STUCK HERE. SIGH. MIGHT AS WELL MARRY LOIS. :man_shrugging:” … “JK also I lied a bunch.” God I feel so bad for Lois in these older comics.

I love all the close-up face shots of Supes in this one. He has such perfect eyelashes?! I am beyond jealous. :arrow_down:

The Steeplejack of Steel
Superman was such a handyman in this issue! I didn’t even pay it much attention until this last story, but the guy built a full on skyscraper, an island home, and a realistic looking police car and armored truck out of wood. Where’d he learn how to do all this stuff? Like dang.

:arrow_down:These were simpler times.
If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma you may to be entitled to financial compensation!

ANYWAY. So Adventure Comics 283.
I kinda prefer this phantom zone over the newer versions, anyone else? It seems like more of an apt punishment to be still aware of everything familiar around you but unable to interact with it, rather than sitting around bored in some lesser dimension just waiting. That’s just me I guess.

“This box has a warning saying not to open! I’M GONNA OPEN IT.” Ugh, Superboy deserves everything that happens to him in this issue.

Army of bizarro-lookin’ Zod robots. I don’t even need to say anything about them. Just LOOK AT THEM. I love it.

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Imagine comics today deliberately being full of unconnected episode stories that were meant to be clever puzzles, beginning and ending within four or five pages. I guess there are still TV shows that are like that where there’s a basic premise and then each episode is utterly unrelated and totally forgotten the next episode.

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The stories were fine, and it was pretty cool that the Superboy story used a plot device from the Atom Man Vs. Superman movie serial (using thought waves to operate a typewriter from the Phantom Zone). But I can’t help but marvel at how elaborate the schemes to fool crooks (and others) usually are. Couldn’t Superman have found an easier way to catch the crooks in the Black Knight story or did he just want to show off?

And there are many stories, like the third one in that issue, where Superman takes another identity and job. If Superman does such a thing, what happens to his reporter’s job? In one story, he even adopted a kid and again took on a new identity with no explanation as to his job at the Planet. It drives me crazy that there are some stories that have such big holes you could drive a truck through them. I know these were aimed at kids back then, but dang!

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