[Superman Fan Club] :superman_fan_club: Lois and Jimmy Take Over! Year 2 Reading 4 August 27th 2021 :superman_fan_club:

[Superman Fan Club] and Silver / Bronze Age Superman and Family Fans at large, this time around Lois and Jimmy take over! And they brought just a sprinkle of Golden Age with them!

The curated selection this time around: ACTION COMICS (1938-) #6 (11/1938), Superman (1939-1986) #13 (11/1944), Superman (1939-1986) #17 (7/1942), Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #13 (8/1959), Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #136 (3/1971)

Plus…we also have two Listen Alongs a month on Wednesday evenings featuring the Adventures of Superman Radio Show of the 1940s! The next one is September 1st continuing the story of the Atom Man plus another visit to “The Lost Continent of Atlantis”!!!

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Action 6

ACTION COMICS (1938-) #6 (released November 1938) (14 pages) Action Comics (1938-) #6 The first appearance of Jimmy Olsen plus: Lois drugs Clark to beat him to a scoop!

Superman (1939-1986) #13 (October 1941) Superman (1939-1986) #13 The first time Jimmy Olsen is named in the comics, in the second story “Superman vs the Archer.” Jimmy actually was first named on our beloved The Adventures of Superman radio show on April 15, 1940!

Superman (1939-1986) #17 (July 1942) Superman (1939-1986) #17 (first story in comic) For the first time Lois suspects that Clark Kent is Superman!!

Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #13 (August 1959) Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #13 “The SHOCKING secret of Lois Lane!” (more shocking that drugging a peer at work or pointing a loaded gun and firing it at her boss???)

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #136 (March 1971) Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #136 Jimmy Olsen DNAlien!!! It’s Superman, Guardian and the Newsboy Legion versus a giant alien clone of Jimmy Olsen!

Please let us know your thoughts these classic Golden, Silver and Bronze Age sagas! Feel free always to post favorite panels / scenes etc from these exciting, entertaining and imaginative tales.

Up Up and Away!!!


Goes to show how important first impressions are…

Bonkers! This entire era was just bonkers!

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Omg I loved this comic! I would give up a kidney to be a fly on whoever’s wall it was that came up with that song because I have a sneaking suspicion they had a jingle to go with it and I need that as my life’s theme song!

I also found the commentary on exploiting Superman’s image to be :superman:uper meta since it’s literally the reality for the character then and now! I hear you Supes! *sips tea from :superman:uper mug… loud and clear my man :+1:

But who’s got you! :heart_eyes:

That’s right kids! Elevators used to operate on a lever an you had to hold it until you lined the car up with the floor! In fact this was a job until the machines took over! *shakes fist

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That panel with Lois being caught by Superman really is very well drawn and colored.

I kind of like her outfit too with the white and red.

Panel of the day for Superman…hmmmmm

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I wanna read that

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Superman (1939-1986) #13 (October 1941) Superman (1939-1986) #13 The first time Jimmy Olsen is named in the comics, in the second story “Superman vs the Archer."

Faster a speeding Arrow!

What is the shocking secret of Lois Lane??? I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore!