[Superman Fan Club] and Friends 📺 Superman 50’s TV Show Monthly Watch-Along 📺 Wednesday December 2nd 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 7 PM MT / 8 PM CT

It’s time again for the once-a-month Wednesday Evening [Superman Fan Club] :tv: Watch-Along :tv:, open to the J. Q Public!!! 2 short episodes = a fun way to celebrate the halfway point of the week!!! All in color this time around, so get ready for a many-splendored thing or two!

Superman Lois Wedding

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments!

When: Wednesday November 4th 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 7 PM MT / 8 PM CT

We’ll launch the recordings in perfect unison like the holiday choir we are at the appointed time!

What to queue and save to Favorites beforehand:

SEASON 4 EPISODE 8 “ The Wedding of Superman Click Here for S4 E8 (May 12th, 1956) Superman and Lois announce their engagement and Clark is asked to be the best man. Whaaa??? Could this be realz??? In Color!

2Superman Lois Wedding

SEASON 6 EPISODE 2 “The Magic Secret” ( not to be confused with last month’s Magic Necklace ) (February 10th, 1958) Click here for S6 E2 A criminal, who has a kryptonite ray gun, attempts to lure Superman into a trap by kidnapping Lois and Jimmy. . In Color!

floating lois

See you Wednesday night!


:tv: Look, Up In the Sky!! :tv:




Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to this one because work decided to put me on the night shift on Wednesday, but hope you guys have a great time. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear. Jay Kay. We’re all glad you have a job so you can afford to be on this ritzy site though!

2 hours 20 minutes to go

I got a crisp one-dollar bill here for a nice shiny Banner.

Time to get The Wedding of Superman episode queued up.

Okay, I’ll try to participate.

Thanks! I hope I have the right night, lol.

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1 minute to go time!

Ok, let’s play the tape, and please don’t skip the intro…cause it’s in COLOR!

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I like that this intro takes influence from the 1940s animated shorts.


This reminds me of the Batman 66 scene where Bruce Wayne talks to Batman on the phone.


Nice how they all rise to intro themselves.

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George’s cape always seems to drape too low.

I wonder how we get to the wedding

Well, Clark already has an engagement with some men, so it shouldn’t be too long.


oh my

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I’m gonna start gittin sniffly too

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Wouldn’t a lonely hearts column be in a…never mind.