Superman Comics

Hello, I’m just getting back into comics and one of my favorites is Superman. What comics should I read and/or series should I start to get up to date with every thing on him?


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Currently, Superman and Action are good. I’d recommend Superman between the two if you want to start with one book.

For relatively recent material, I recommend his two starring Rebirth books: Action Comics, starting with issue #957. Superman, starting with the Superman Rebirth one-shot which then goes into Superman #1. That series runs for 45 issues, counting #1. The Rebirth stuff is fantastic.


Start with John Byrnes’s Man of Steel from 1986 and then read everything that follows for the next ten years. Really! That ten year period featuring the works of Byrne, Wolfman, Ordway, Jurgens (the best Superman scribe of all-time), Stern, Simonson, Kesel, Grummett, Immonen, McLeod, Thiebert, Bogdanove and Mike Carlin are the most entertaining Superman comics ever produced. This is the period where Superman is not all-powerful, where Clark is the “real” guy, where Lex Luthor is the villainess corporatist, where Lois and Clark marry and where Superman dies! These are great comics produced by extremely talented people and they deserve every fan’s attention.


Start with Rebirth Superman by Peter J Tomasi. It is the single greatest Superman run. The best family dynamic I have ever seen in comics and the interaction between them and Batman along with his son Damian. Also if you wind up liking that read Super Sons.

Stay far away from the current run of Superman and action comics by Bendis. One of the most depressing things I have had the displeasure of reading.


The Lois and Clark Trade Graphic Novel shows the great relationship between the old pre 52 Superman, who is the current Superman, Lois Lane and their son Jon Kent. It introduces Jon Kent to DC Readers.

It has really great writing by Dan Jurgens .


All Star Superman is a must read.

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If I may, I would like to add another period of Superman comics that is a must read. Now these books are not on the service, and I don’t know if they have been collected, but the early Bronze Age ( I still say it’s Silver) books are great. This period begins with Galaxy Broadcasting buying the Daily Planet and new boss Morgan Edge (Kirby Fourth World!) making Clark a TV reporter, and eventually an anchorman. Along the way Superman’s powers are cut in half, new villains are introduced (Terra-Man, the Galactic Golem, Vartox the Atomic Skull, Blackrock, the Master Jailer, and MONGUL! The rivalry between Lois and Lana is reintroduced, Kandor finally gets enlarged (Superman #338: “Let My People Grow” by Len Wein), and Clark asks Lois to marry him. All these wonderful comics are produced by a who’s who of comic talent: Cary Bates, Elliot S! Maggin, Denny O’Neill, Martin Pasko, Gerry Conway, and Julius Schwartz. And many of them were rendered by the masterful team of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson. It’s Silver Age Superman at his highest point. I highly recommend these books.


The books I’ve read from that period are very good. I have no idea of the titles or issue numbers immediately, but maybe some are in The Adventures of Superman trades. There’s one focusing on Gil Kane and another on Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.


I liked the Lois & Clark series,where they introduced Jon Kent. I love him and Damien Wayne together. The Superman selection on here is pretty slim. I know they’re just starting up, but you’d think they’d have more.

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