Superman Classic vs New 52

What’s your favorite Supes? I’m for if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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I disagree with that last statement. Think about the last 80 years and how many versions of your favorite hero there has been. In fact, when you say “classic”, what do you mean? Post Crisis? Pre-Crisis? Golden Age? We’re at the point now where most superheros are sort of at a “too big to fail” place in their development, so why not try new things. Think about all the iconic character development of your favorite heroes. Green Lanterns would be the only Corps and Hal and Pals would forever be doing battle with Sinestro and the Weaponers of Qward. Batman would still have Dick Grayson as Robin and Nightwing wouldn’t be a thing. Aquaman would still need to get near water within an hour, or he’d perish and dry out. I suppose some good would have come from it. Speedy would have never gotten addicted to Heroin. But then again we would have missed out on one of the most iconic and culturally relevant story arcs of its time. In short, there will always be versions that don’t do well. But the characters we know and love today are, in my opinion, made up of the best qualities of each version.

I really liked the start of the New 52 Supes when he was more reactive but once he went back to acting as he always had I thought you threw away continuity for nothing.

I loved New 52 Supes.