Superman Chronicles (Reading In Order)

I’m a passionate new fan looking to go through the most important DC comics in chronological order. Signed up but now seeing how few titles are available.

Much thanks for any advice!

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The title of your thread indicates you read the Superman Chronicles. If so, have you considered Omnibuses which collect more than the Chronicles? If you read comics online, you may not get the full run, but there have been specials like the New Teen Titans, Batman: Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, and Death and Return of Superman. One thing I do is look up comics online, and I tend to just read from the reprinted Omnibuses. I hope this helps.

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That’s very helpful and for sure my plan. How does it work here? Are they available permanently or on rotating basis? I actually hunger to start “from the beginning” and make my way through the evolution of the characters (Superman is my fav but also for Flash, Batman and others). Thanks again for replying!

I’m a “completist” too and would love to read all the stories/issues in order. I’m not sure that’s ever going to be possible here on the app as the comic library seems to be a rotating “greatest hits” rather than an extensive collection. I’ve stopped reading comics on here because issues get pulled before I can get to them. I’m guessing (pure speculation) that DC just wants to get you interested in a story/series so that we’d have to go buy the book(s) in order to finish the stories we started reading here. Very frustrating.

But before all of this, I have been purchasing the nice color trade collections of various Golden, Silver and Bronze Age stories. I can’t afford the omnibuses so I have to wait until they put out the trade. Usually there are two trades for one omnibus.

So far I’ve read through
Superman: The Golden Age Vols. 1-5
Batman: The Golden Age Vol. 1-5
Superman & Batman - World’s Finest: Silver Age Vol. 1-2
Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Vol. 1
The Flash: The Silver Age Vol. 1-3
Justice League of America: The Silver Age Vol. 1-4

The release schedule for these trades are ridiculously slow, and I wish DC would do Silver and Bronze series for the Big Three or at this rate it will take another fifty years to get most of those issues reprinted! I do hope they’ll continue on with the series and sometime before the rapture occurs we’ll be able to read material that wasn’t collected before in previous Archives or Chronicles collections. :crossed_fingers:t2:

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CORRECTION: At the moment there are only 4 Golden Age Superman trades, not five. Hopefully Vol. 5 is on its way.

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Where are the best deals for them? I signed up here hoping for a netflix like subscription to go through them all slowly (annual subscription). Thanks for that list, it’s real helpful!

I’ve gotten a lot of mine from eBay. I was able to get a lot of them for almost half of what the listing price is. I can also get a pretty good discount on Amazon every once in a while. Have you checked out Comixology? I think they have a whole lot more Golden and Silver Age issues there than you’re likely going to ever get here. I’m not big on reading comics (or books in general) digitally, so I don’t have much experience with Comixology myself, but I’ve browsed it from time to time. I’m old-fashioned and like to have the book in my hand and actually turn the page…plus my bookshelves wouldn’t look as awesome if all my books were on my tablet and laptop! :smiley:

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While individually the trades are cheaper, collecting two of them can lead to about the same price as an Omnibus. I have seen the Trades for about $20 and when a seller is generous, some Omnibuses, like the Wonder Woman Golden Age Omnibus, can sell for $35. So, it’s just a matter if you want to hope that trade sellers will be generous double the times than for an Omnibus seller and if you want more books to fill your bookshelf or just a few thicker Omnibuses.

The aforementioned Superman: The Golden Age books are a good start. DC also published several volumes in The Superman Chronicles series that collected material from 1938 to somewhere in the 50’s, maybe just before the Silver Age began? Those are out of print but can probably be had for pretty cheap prices.

The currently available Superman: The Golden Age trades are all available digitally for added convenience.

The Superman Chronicles are not as complete as trades or omnibuses. All 10 chronicles are compiled in the first 3 omnibuses of Superman Golden Age. Plus, the chronicles is missing World’s Finest #5 which is included in the omnibuses. If you were referring to 10 omnibuses that reach the Silver Age, that would seem more accurate.

I hadn’t read all of The Superman Chronicles so I wasn’t exactly sure what the dealio was, just that there were alot of books in that series.

Thanks for the info.

No problem. I only collected one chronicles - Batman vol. 1, before I read about omnibuses, so I looked online for the information about chronicles vol. 10.

The new 52 action comics was amazing and the brainiac storyline was very good as well