Superman Blue/Red

Back in a late 90s After Lois & Clark (Not the TV show) got married, Superman turn into a blue energy hero. He was later split in to two Superman Blue and Red. While most comic fans didn’t seem to enjoy it, I did for a while then miss the old Superman. To any DC Mods who is reading this, please bring this Superman home to your Library collection, I sure would love to read it again. :grinning:

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Loved this period of Superman. The outfit, the Millennium Giants, etc. Really fun stuff.


Should adapt it into a movie it would be like a buddy cop movie but you only need to pay one actor

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I agree with it being a cool period in supes’ history, and it for sure needs to be in the comics section.

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After Superman Blue/red storyline, there was a Superman in different decades era storyline in one which was also fun to read, Hope DC will add that one also. :slightly_smiling_face: