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Now if you haven’t ever read Superman/Batman 1-6 stop and go read it then watch the movie! So I have recently rewatched Superman/Batman Public Enemies and I know it might make a few people bust a nerve in their forehead. It is one of the best if not the best comic to movie adaptation ever. The art in the books are the same as the movie and you even have some scenes come directly from the panel of the books. I don’t know any other DC animated movies that stayed so true to the source material. Now is their an argument for spoilers yes but as a life long comic book lover their has been so many books that made me wish someone anyone would make these stories into hit shows or movies. I honestly love the Superman/ Batman series and really wish DC would adapt another movie from this series. So as fans like myself what do you think are close DC animated movies that are very close to the source material? Also, if they made a third Superman/ Batman movie what story arc would you love to see. Let’s tell DC what the fans want to see! To get this party started I’m going to tag a few people that I know that are like minded!

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Well, the first two movies in this duology were the first two arcs of Superman/Batman, so I assume a third would be the third arc. That would be “Absolute Power,” about an alternate reality tyrant Superman and Batman… though I think that ground is well trod enough by now.

As for Public Enemies, all I’ll say is this: this is Clancy Brown’s best performance as Lex Luthor. This is Lex’s movie.


@HubCityQuestion I think it would be a cool idea but I thought The Enemies Among Us would have made an awesome movie. I don’t know if you ever read the series but that was a good arc.


Sadly, I haven’t seen it since it was released. It’d be unfair for me to comment much. I do remember enjoying it!

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I as well haven’t watched Public Enemies since its release. I have however been doing a recent deep dive into the Superman Batman series that started in 2003. Just finished volume 4 of the Comixology collected editions, so about 50 issues in? It has easily emerged as some of my favorite material ever. Relationships are explored, without bogging the stories down. Superman is Superman and Batman is Batman, and they are friends that work together. Plenty of action. Art is fantastic. Can’t say enough good things about it so far, and I’m 2/3 of the way done with it.

If I were to choose one of those I would probably go with the kryptonite story (issues 44-49, I believe the title of the arc is “The Search for Kryptonite”. Fun story. Bruce helps Clark gather all the Kryptonite on earth. Don’t want to spoil it, but it’s a story that starts small and just keeps getting bigger and bigger, with a great ending.


I absolutely love the Superman/Batman ongoing, so you’d best believe I love the two movies based off of it.

Public Enemies is my second favorite arc of the series, and I feel it’s movie did a great job of adapting the story.

The animation mirroring Ed McGuinness’ artwork was a great idea, and is something I would have liked other movies in the DC Universe line to emulate (especially Hush, which, enjoyable as it was, really would have looked much better rendered in Jim Lee’s style).

Should WB Animation resume further Superman/Batman movies, I’d prefer to see Absolute Power skipped over (good story, but like @HubCityQuestion said, tyrannical iterations of Superman and Batman are a bit played out ATM), in favor of With A Vengeance and The Search for Kryptonite being the next two arcs of the series to hit animation, especially TSFK, as I have a feeling Shane Davis’ art would translate to animation exceptionally well.

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@Kon-El watch it then come back

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It’s been a while since I read the books and watched the movie, but I guess unfortunately in this case, I remember binging through 2 years of the comic, which was good, but just being blown away by the Supergirl story. I still remember part one with the effect of the headlights on Bats’s underwater vehicle. Michael Turner’s art and Peter Steigerwald’s coloring just made those headlights feel real, like that issue came with a 12 volt car battery to power it. The rest of the run was good, but sadly pales in comparison for me. YMMV.

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