📖 📺 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse/The Supergirl from Krypton - Read + Watch Party 2-Part Event 5/18 @ 5 PM PST! 📺 📖

A mysterious girl crash lands in Gotham City Harbor claiming to be Superman’s cousin from Krypton. Is she friend or foe and will she stay that way for long when she is abducted by Darkseid to lead his Female Furies? It’s up to a team of our World’s Finest heroes to retrieve Kara from Apokolips, but is it already too late?

From Executive Producer Bruce Timm and voiced by the cast from both hit Batman and Superman animated TV series including Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Clancy Brown, this DC Universe original animated movie adaptation of Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner’s popular graphic novel is full of mystery and subterfuge of godly proportions.

This two part event will kick off with a read along and discussion of the 6 comics and conclude with a watch party of the film on Supergirl’s EARTHday, May 18th! More details below!

Part 1 - Read along!

We will read 2 issues a week and discuss in the comments below. The schedule and discussion prompts are here to help guide the conversation week to week. Feel free to post your own questions and discussion topics below!

Week 1 April 28 - May 4
Issues 8 & 9

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  1. Michael Turner was a comic artist who went on to create his own company, Aspen Comics, featuring his own creations such as Fathom and Soulfire. His distinct style was featured on many covers for DC and Marvel. Turner passed away at 37 after an 8 year battle with bone cancer. What are your thoughts on his art style and how he conveys motion and emotion?

  2. Why does Krypto hate Kara so much? Can he tell she’s more of a cat person? :cat2:

You can actually decipher all of the Kryptonian by transcribing the characters.

Week 2 May 4 - 11
Issues 10 & 11

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  1. The contentious question on how to handle Kara is a main feature throughout this story our heroes struggle with. Is :batman: right to be suspicious of, :00_superman1: in protecting, or :wonderwoman: in training Kara?

  2. What do you think it feels like from Kara’s perspective to have 3 different people with 3 different ideas of what your life should be like? Is she justified in her feelings?

  3. Similarly, the conflict also effects our team of heroes yet they still need to work together. What are your thoughts about this emotionally charged interaction?

Week 3 May 11 - 18
Issues 12 & 13

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  1. Our heroes split up for the attack on Apokolips and come up with some creative ways to accomplish each of their missions. Does Darkseid underestimate our heroes or was this his plan all along?

  2. We see how past traumas and loss play a huge role in how our heroes think and the influence it has over the choices they make. What do you think about the psychological cost of being a hero and how it plays out here with the Trinity (:superman: :batman: :wonderwoman:)?

This story is dedicated to Christopher Reeve, who died the year the storyline ended.

The adventures continue with writer Jeph Loeb in Supergirl (2005-2011)

More SuperFamily adventures here:
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Tiny Titans #28
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More of the New Gods
Female Furies

Part 2 - Watch Party!

We conclude with a celebratory watch party on Supergirl’s EARTHday, May 18th!

Kara Zor-El first arrived on Earth May 18th 1959 Action Comics #252

BYOM (Bring Your Own Movie)
Press play: 2021-05-19T00:00:00Z

  • We will let the credits run, no skipping.
  • If you get behind just skip ahead to the current time.
  • Post your thoughts about the movie and how it differs from the comic below!
  • Refreshing the page can help load comments if we get a little out of sync.

Movie Details:
Released September 28, 2010
Runtime: 1 hour 18 minutes


Lauren Montgomery


Bruce Timm
Alan Burnett
Bobbi Page
Lauren Montgomery
Sam Register
Benjamin Melniker
Michael E. Uslan
Tim Yoon

Written by

Tab Murphy

Music by

John Paesano

Casting by

Andrea Romano


Thank you for joining me the past few months for these events! If you enjoyed reading this series I highly recommend continuing since there are more fantastic stories down the line! :superman_hv_2:


So glad to be back for round 2! Here are my thoughts:

  1. I like Turner overall. I think he does a great job with facial expressions and emotion, especially with Kara. I think he conveys motion pretty well. I do have a couple complaints. First, some of his figures, particularly females, seem too thin for their height. They can seem unnatural. Second (this is mainly for issue #8), why is Kara showing so much skin? She’s a teenager for goodness’ sake!

  2. Fantastic question. I wish I had a good answer. Overprotective, maybe?

I’m really enjoying this so far. I think my favorite moment so far is Kara calling out Batman for trying to sneak up on a girl with superhearing. Plus, Darkseid is coming! :0_darkseid:


Happy Tuesday everyone! Today marks the start of reading week 2! Remember, this read along moves forward every Tuesday this month!

@brian_hofman loved reading your perspectives! I fell in love with Turner’s art and he’s an amazing writer. I adore his Fathom and SoulFire comics. We get a Fathom Easter egg later on so be on the lookout! One clue, she’s hanging out in one our fiercest warriors homes!

I really love the difference between the first and second issues since the first is Gotham and the second is the Fortress/Metropolis.

The first issue with the full page Kryptonian dialogue is my go-to for practicing the K-alphabet. When I was in high school, my friend and I would write notes to each other in Kryptonian. It was a blast! You can actually download the font and use it in Word. I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a downloadable keyboard app but I’m not tech savvy enough :yum:

Krypto getting scolded hurt my soul.

I find it interesting how the pacing is so different in this storyline compared with the first. It feels so fast and actually benefits from the film adaptation. If I remember correctly, although things do change a little, more is left in the movie for this one than the other. We’ll see at the 18th Watch Party! :tada:

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How do you pronounce Kara?
  • Care-a
  • Car-a
  • Other (enlighten us below!)

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Here are my thoughts on issues 10 & 11:

  1. I think Wonder Woman has the wisest approach here. She gives Supergirl a chance to prove herself without being too quick to trust or suspect her. Superman’s and Batman’s responses definitely seem in character, but I keep wanting to tell each of them to tone it down a bit, which makes sense when emotions get involved. Good, believable drama here.

  2. I think Kara definitely rings true as a teenager. She seems to feel boxed in, like everyone else is speaking for her. She doesn’t want all these adults trying to determine her life. That must feel suffocating. I think her feelings are justified and understandable. I appreciated her frustration. She may “only” be a teenager, but she’s not a little kid.

  3. I really like how :00_superman1: :00_batman_1989: & :00_wonder_woman_1982: are able to work together despite their conflict and intense emotion. Superman definitely takes a cheap shot. Later on he recognizes that he’ll need the others to forgive him for it, though I wouldn’t say he fully regrets it. Our big 3 come across as trusted partners who know exactly what to say to hurt each other but who also are willing to reconcile and move forward together. I think that’s a pretty realistic portrayal. I like what Loeb is doing.

Finally, I’d like to give a shout-out to the fight scenes. The Doomsday battle was great. I really enjoyed Wonder Woman and Barda vs. the Female Furies, too.


I was a pretty good teen but my sister was the firecracker and Kara reminds me of her. I wonder what Kara was like on Krypton?

I like your assessment of :wonderwoman: and I agree. It’s cool to see how :superman: wants her to be like he was at her age, a mostly regular life, but :wonderwoman: was a warrior from the get go. :batman: is the only one with actual experience with multiple teen’s and all the various personalities to boot. I’d expect him to be more understanding but this is a point in his life where he’s lost Jason and blames himself and I think he’s letting the bat dictate his actions over the man.

Can’t wait for the watch party!

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:star_struck: Look what was waiting in my mailbox for me today! My first ever Omnibus!


Very cool! How many issues of the series does the omnibus collect? I have 2 paperbacks that together cover all of Loeb’s run (issues 1-26 I think).


It says 43 and I’m finding quite a few tie in issues throughout. It looks like Volume 2 is issues 44-87.


Wow! Those 2 would cover the whole series then. That’s cool.


I love Omnibus editions. They were becoming an addiction I had to cut back, Lol! I love the size and how many issues you get. That Superman/Batman book looks great!


Did you guys catch the Aspen Comics, Fathom cameo in issue #11? That’s Aspen herself! There’s also a sea horse on the book shelf.
1 3

I’m not sure if this is a real easter egg or not but Aspen Comics also has a super awesome comic called Executive Assistant and all the assistants are actually assassins with flower names. I noticed the irises in Barda’s house. There’s also the tsuka (hilt/handle) of a katana which could be referencing this series.
2 4

No ideas about the garaffe statues :sweat_smile: :giraffe:

I think this may be my favorite image from this run

What did y’all think of issues 10 & 11?


Happy Tuesday Super-dude(tte)s!

This is the start of the final week of reading so feel free to post your thoughts! Next Tuesday is the Watch Party!!! Wednesday, May 19, 2021 12:00 AM

I thought of these polls during the last Watch Party and thought I’d be more proactive this time!

Have you read this comic before (specifically this storyline)?
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Have you seen this movie before?
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TGIF Super Friends!


This the the last weekend before our Watch Party on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 12:00 AM

Finish up your reading and post your final thoughts on this storyline! We’ll meet up next week and celebrate Kara’s Earthday! :birthday: :partying_face:


Look like Superman & Batman are excited for the next watch along!:smiley::popcorn::tv:
The movie and comic is really good, I can see where Superman is coming from being like a protective father, I think Wonder Woman approach this a bit of a wrong way. That’s just my opinion.


You would think she could have handled Clark a little better but we can blame Batman since it was all his idea of course lmao

  1. That’s a tough question. My instinct is that Darkseid did underestimate our heroes. He seems genuinely surprised by Batman. However, I would think Darkseid also had some sort of backup plan of coming to earth for Superman from the beginning.

  2. I think there would be a huge psychological cost to being a superhero. Losing an ally and partner, particularly one who was (like) family would be devastating. There would also be an intense burden from all the lives that weren’t saved and the destruction that wasn’t prevented. As for our Big Three, I didn’t pick up a lot with Wonder Woman, but I think I could see it in her desire to honor the departed and prepare others and give them a place to heal. Batman is clearly devastated by the death of Jason Todd. That seems to make him cautious when it comes to trusting others but also makes him fiercely dedicated to protecting those close to him. Superman struggles with the loneliness of being a superhero. He is eager to embrace family and driven to do whatever he can to rescue, defend, and fight for others.

The look on Superman’s face when he punches Kara with the Kryptonite ring breaks my heart.

The big battle with Darkseid with Batman’s narration is phenomenal. I love to see Supes let loose.

Kara getting her uniform from Ma Kent and her introduction to all the other heroes are truly heartwarming.

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I thought the k-ring was such a surprise and really cool! It’s drawn beautifully and breaks my heart too! Turner nails this!

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Best of luck on this second evening of a week of Watch Along / Listen Along evenings here on DC Community!!! Mini Con!!!

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That’s right folks! Tonight is the night! See you in about 8 hours!