Superman Annual # 8 The League of Supermen

Superman Annual 8 is probably the more realistic comics I have read and it’s trippy! Here is a mild spoiler warning; basically there is a group of people that are best way to describe it is doctors use krypton DNA to change volunteers have one of Superman’s powers. Here is the kicker it’s kinda X-Menish. Example the Superman with heat vision can’t control his power and he must discharge his heat vision every hour; plus he has to use a lead visor ( sound familiar) . So I recommend you read it and what power of Superman’s would you take even if you have to give up something?

Also, let me know if you want me to vaguely tell you about a book that you might never known you want to read . I want to know you guys would be interested in my humors take on things.

Respect the S @Kon-El @DocAtlas @HubCityQuestion have you ever read this book?



I’d take invulnerability. Flight, ice breath, heat vision, speed… they’re all good.
I think being hard to kill is the best of them though.

@jsmsiggy I don’t think so. I’m not even sure if I even have it. 1996 was a very busy time for me.

As for the powers, invulnerability sounds good to me too. I mean, I can already drink inhuman amounts of Coca-Cola without getting a single cavity :slight_smile: , but to also resist bullets, Covid-19, and Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce from the YouTube show Hot Ones would be pretty sweet! The power I would sacrifice is the ability to attract women who have L-words for names…and that has nothing to do with my ex also being an L-word! :slight_smile:

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@DocAtlas this is a safe space and I know some girl names that start with an L are kind of evil. Also, I’m still waiting for my hot ones invite I think it got lost in the e-mail or actual mail.( I have always wanted to try The Da Bomb Beyond Insanity).

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I would ask if my post or Questions OF the Day are entertaining but I think you might be a little biased. Just for the simp fact we might be legitimate friends .

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@jsmsiggy Haha, actually my ex and I are good friends (no, not that kind of good, she’s married :slight_smile: ) .

Very entertaining. Feel free to keep tagging me so that I know to check in!

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@DocAtlas I you already know , I can tell you this my ex and I can barely talk in the same room so if no one hears from me it was my ex
wife with the pistol in the Conservatory! Lol I got stories to tell man . First clue of crazy to never ignore she thinks she is like Rachel Dolezal for real run run like Barry Allen !

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@jsmsiggy Actually my ex and I have the 3 best kids in the world, so it’s easy for us to get along. Absolute best kids, plus none of them try to steal anything from my comic collection! But my music from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, that’s a different story! :slight_smile:

But I know what you mean about crazy ex’s. Y’know, when I was in the midst of deal with cray cray, it makes the stereotype of living in your parents’ basement sound like a f-----g utopia! :slight_smile:

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