Superman and Lois Season 2: Chimpview

Superman and Lois season 2 is more disappointing than it is bad, and it did pretty much everything that I hoped it wouldn’t. Although I really liked the first season, I have to admit that I disliked a number of things, and the second season took the parts from the first season that I disliked and amplifies them.

The Langs are even more prominent, and even more obnoxious. Every member of the family is hypocritical and unlikable, except for the younger daughter that everyone on the show ignores and forgets exists. (Seriously though, after Lana was away from her daughters for a couple of hours, she said, “Sarah is probably so worried!”, and did not even think about her way younger daughter.) The crown jewel in terms of unlikability has to be Sarah, who is extremely self-centered and the show doesn’t even call her out for it, and she refuses to apologize for her terrible actions. I won’t spoil the major thing that I’m referring to, but If you’ve seen the second season, you know what I’m talking about.

Although I dislike the Langs immensely, the thing that ruins Superman and Lois Season 2 for me is the drama. I was able to tolerate the drama in Season 1, since it was fairly believable at most points, however, every dramatic moment in Season 2 is unnecessary, or illogical. Characters will get mad at each other for strange reasons, and whenever it feels as if the show should take a breather from all of the drama, it will make up bizarre reasons for characters to be angry. For example, when Clark tells Lana that he is Superman, it should be a nice moment, but Lana is enraged that Lois didn’t tell her. Characters say that they all have each other’s backs, but are consistently shown to be at each other’s throats instead. Therefore, the cheery resolution in the final episode doesn’t feel believable, and the season ends on a bad note for me.

I will admit, I enjoyed Tal-Roh, and a number of subtle references, but I got little entertainment out of anything else.

So, I’m giving Superman and Lois Season 2, a 3/10.

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I give it a -1/10. The show kept making me wish I was working working for free instead of watching.


I know the scene in question you’re referring to and I immediately stopped the show during the scene. Tried another minute to see if the daughter would say something to support Jordan, but nope.

I gave you guys likes because you’re speaking your mind, but I couldn’t disagree more :slightly_smiling_face:. It was my favorite work of live action DC has put out in forever. Just watched the season 2 finale again last night. Was epic.

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I’m only halfway through the season (but have read a few spoilers, so don’t mind them), but I don’t hate it so far. I also don’t love it nearly as much as the first season, though. Probably why I’m still only halfway through. I think all of the drama/characters doing very unlikeable things and never really growing is a big part of that.


Probably at the point where I gave up.

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