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This thread is to discuss Season 2 of Superman and Lois.
Chat, theorize, lurk, and Enjoy :+1:



Awesome™:+1: start.

The big news. Natalie is back and a 3 month summer skip. Lois was not handling it well at all. But seems to wrapped things up nicely in the end. Lois confronted the situation and some backstory with her family. As well as Natalie struggling as well and John doing his best. Seems like she and John will be living with the Kent’s. Interesting. I have a few Nat may be working at Paper with Lois.

Jordan and Sarah having some relationship troubles. Did she meet someone at Camp or is he moving to fast for her.

John just having some troubles at football. But going well his Girlfriend until Luis see’s it all. Whoops. Then the good ol parent talk. Fun family stuff there.

The Kushing’s. Lana seems to be helping to elect a new mayor and Kyle not so into it. But they overall seem to be doing better.

Supes. Out doing his thing saving the ships but America not to fond of global allegiance. But they seem to be using those X Kryptonite people or something for there own super army with Anderson at the helm.

And the big end those earthquakes and the fist. My thought went straight to Doomsday.

How will the Irons and Kent’s live together? What’s Anderson goal? What was that fist? All this and more Same :00_superman1:uper Time Same :00_superman1:uper Channel


This :point_up_2:

  • Amazing acting from Elizabeth Tulloch. She was captivating in her portrayal of an emotionally distressed Lois.
  • Supes’ action scenes were top notch as usual (freezing up the pouring water from that storage tank to prop it up? Sweet!).
  • Some sincere, but light hearted moments between Clark & the boys made me chuckle a couple times.
  • That reveal at the end though… Doomsday? Wonder if it’s really him or a purposeful misdirection (like “Captain Luthor” in season 1). Regardless, looking forward to how this show is gonna handle that going forward.
  • I kinda like this new general. He seems to be just doing his job. I wonder if he’s going to spiral into all out anti-Superman villainy, or continue the more nuanced portrayal. All in all… great stuff!

They better not destroy Jordan and Sarah!!! They can’t!

Seeing Tyler Hoechlin and Ian Bohen share scenes again is so cool, but damn, Anderson sucks, he’s so vindictive.


I liked the son drama and was bored by the Superman and Natalie drama.


That is true. They could be pulling another twist :thinking:.


Really admire how the show handles drama in convincing ways but not letting it be stretched or over-stay its welcome.

They’ve done a fantastic job with representing Lois’s trauma and distress with how it effects her mental state.

I could see Jordan or Jonathan handling the situation Natalie’s in very similar to her if they were in her shoes. For instance Jonathan was sick of Smallville and wanted to go back to Metropolis so imagining how displaced Natalie feels must suck where there’s no one or no where to go back to. (assuming this was a 1 way trip)

Curious about how the dynamics will be between the boys and Natalie. Remember to season 1 Jordan and Jonathan had some sweet moments when they supported each other, would be great if Natalie gets to develop that type of bond with them.

As always Clark trying his best :pleading_face:
Always love these one on one convo’s between him and Lois when they reflect on themselves. Really shows off the maturity of the relationship and adds depth.

IF Doomsday is here I have faith they’ll handle it well so by default I’m hyped. Given what we got with Morgan Edge + “Lex Luthor’s” characterization last season I’m looking forward to see how they handle the new General + possibly Doomsday (:eyes:)


For those wondering about Doomsday… I found this here. :newspaper:

From it, here is what the Executive Producer said:

Superman & Lois showrunner Todd Helbing confirmed to EW that scene was indeed setting up the arrival of Doomsday, one of Superman’s deadliest and most destructive foes in the comics.

“That is our homage to a classic Doomsday cover,” said Helbing (see the referenced cover below). “Then in episode 2, you’re going to see him a little bit more. In episode 3, you’ll get the full reveal.”

Also that cover was in the article is from:

I definitely see that they did honor how it was in the comics. :scream: :sweat_smile:

A lot to look forward to again this season. :clark_hv_4: :woman: :boy: :boy: :00_steel:


I missed the premiere when it originally aired so I watched it on the CW website. Here are my thoughts:

  • Sarah definitely has someone on her mind other than Jordan. She reacted negatively to hearing Jordan’s name when she came back from camp. Maybe she met someone (a fellow counselor) at the camp. Maybe her feelings for Jordan diminished after not seeing him for a month. Either way, Sarah wasn’t excited to see Jordan again, and their awkward date at the lake kind of proved it.
  • After the '89 Loma Prieta Earthquake, the California government require schools to run earthquake drills and participate in the Great Shakeout (https://www.shakeout.org/) that occurs every October. They should have hidden under tables, and beds if possible, protect their heads and necks with one hand while grabbing onto the table for safety (like Chrissy was). Earthquakes can occur
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“In contrast, in the Central and Eastern U.S. (CEUS) the crust is thicker, colder, older, and more stable. Furthermore, the CEUS is thousands of miles from active plate boundaries, so the rates of deformation are low in this region. Nevertheless, the CEUS has had some rather large earthquakes in historical times, including a series of major earthquakes near New Madrid, Missouri in 1811-1812, a large earthquake near Charleston, S.C. in 1886, and the Cape Ann earthquake northeast of Boston in 1755.”

  • It’s nice of Lois to reach out to Natalie and let them stay on their farm for the time being.
  • I think Lt. Anderson will be a bad egg, but it’s too early to tell definitively. I sensed the same thing in General Lane but thankfully, I was proven wrong.
  • I thought Jonathan and Jordan were 16. They’re 15?

Great episode as always! Can’t wait for more!


Son of a BENCHHHH! So they’re really doing one of the most dangerous and biggest villains already in Season 2? Isn’t it a little too soon?

Go BIG or go home!!! :superman_hv_4: