Superman and Lois S1E15 Finale [Reaction Thread]

This was one heck of a Season Finale! I have no idea what they have in store for Season 2, could Tal-Rho actually be redeemed or is he too far gone? Jordan and Sarah declaring their love was so cute! I have loved the bromance that’s been developing between Irons and Clark.

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Oops. You’re right. Jordan is what I meant. Thanks!

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It was a decent episode. Sort of felt anticlimactic to be honest. I sort of figured Natalie would be making a reappearance. To be honest I hope they fix the Superman costume next year. Please for the love of all that is holy, get rid of the puffy shoulders. There was one point a few episodes ago that he was laying on the ground, and the shoulders were literally about 2 inches off of his body, so you saw this huge gap between his real shoulders and the suit…


The World’s Finest line was a nice touch :slight_smile:


SOLID first season. I really like this show. And personally the best adaption of Superman and one I can actually say where he has a spine. However, sadly as with every CW they ALWAYS have a solid first season. Second and in rare cases 3rd season are the little goldfish spinning around the toilet as they get flushed and the rest is just a ■■■■ show.
I hope that they don’t ■■■■ this show up by connecting it and crossing it over with everything else and actually keep up the good writing. But only the next season and possibly the season after that will tell. But this is a really great season. If CW fucks this and Stargirl up I will officially give up on this network.


Well I guess now we know the limitations of the language filter on this thing :joy:


When was this said?

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Just saw the end credit scene on YouTube, and WTFreak. The ever bold Lois Lane says nothing about this kid who’s apparently her daughter. What happened? Lois got lonely when Superman was saving the day? Hmm? You see a guy like me prefers a Superman who has the role fit him not him fit the role. And yes, while it wasn’t initially planned, this later became an Easter Egg comment.

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It’s the ending tease for what’ll lead up to Season 2 (the dynamics between Nat, Lois, others and her getting acclimated to this new world) we’ll see those stuff and their interactions then.

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It would’ve made more sense for Lois to say daughter, not Nat saying mom.

Why? For Nat, Lois was her mom her entire life before she was killed not too long ago, but our Lois only knows about Nat through videos and what John Henry has said


Exactly what @arkhamassassin said.

Nat showing up adds many confusing/conflicting feelings for Lois so it wouldn’t make sense for Lois to be: “OMG hi daughter!! :hugs:

To add on to Arkhamassassin’s point:

Lois didn’t give herself enough time to mourn but instead buried her feelings over the traumatic loss of her and CLARK’s daughter Natalie on this Earth and has only recently opened up about it more including to her Sons. In episode 8 her reaction to seeing the photos of her, Nat and John Henry left her speechless as it naturally would of course. She admitted that seeing the photos brought up those buried emotions of trauma that she suffered through. She has no issue separating any feelings of love from John Henry since she never fell in love with him on this Earth but then to see a version of her daughter alive but that isn’t hers from this Earth or made from the love of her and Clark but rather her and John Henry as you’d guess would be verrry awkward to have that suddenly show up at your front door.

Sorry @Reforged but just out of curiosity, did you watch the show? All the answers are in there for why Lois reacted the way she did.


That’s enough for Lois.

Lois woudn’t be like “‘OMG hi daughter’”, but imagine if this was Erica Durance’s Lois- she would’ve either overexplained or cut to the chase. And while this version is different than Erica Durance’s, all versions show boldness and bluntness- something Bitsie Tulloch isn’t very good at conveying.

Not meant for anything, but to clarify, but when you reply to someone (as seen in the upper right corner), it is also unnecessary to tag them.

If Lois felt trauma from seeing photos of her daughter, it would make sense for her to distance herself while thinking her daughter’s dead. But, when another version of her daughter showed up, she would still want to embrace. While this daughter is from John Henry and not Clark, we all experience a “doppelganger syndrome”. If one of our loved ones leaves this world for a better world, but then we see another person or pet that looks like the one we no longer can interact with, we are naturally drawn to associate the feelings of the one we knew to this new one. To apply that, Lois would still (knowing the reporter she is) be interested in knowing more about this daughter other than just staring waiting for someone else to “break the ice”.

I watched episode one on YouTube with multiple parts (think I saw the whole thing), got annoyed with it, and stopped. Tried watching it again on CW Seed, but realized I don’t want me watching it to support the show. I am thinking about watching it on HBO Max when the whole season is put on there, but debate myself on it because of the reasoning in my prior sentence. I will not support things that bashed things I value even if the one bashing the very thing creates something that highlights that thing. I know by that logic, I should be done with Sherlock Holmes, but the difference is original creator vs succeeding creator. Plus, if I don’t like an interpretation, I don’t want to see that interpretation continue- it may take away from an interpretation that truly does it justice.

I don’t see how. That ending scene from the finale is the very 1st time our Lois has ever met Nat. And she’s not even her mother – that’s the Lois from John Henry’s earth

Also, Natalie isn’t a doppelgänger of our Lois’ Natalie because that Natalie was never even born, so nobody knows what she would’ve looked like. And considering Clark would’ve been her father, she wouldn’t have even looked like John Henry’s Natalie

I also can’t blame you for not wanting to watch the show since I’ve got my own major (but different) issues w/ it. But if you’re gonna make arguments about the events of the season, you really need to know the full context of what happened in the episodes


Wait, you didn’t watch the season and you’re complaining about the finale? You can’t judge a 15 episode first season of a show by the last ten minutes.

I understand your point about Nat, but honestly Lois’ reaction makes sense given everything explained in the rest of the season. Lois knows who that is. Lois knows that is Nat from another dimension. Nat doesn’t know about Lois. That is the first time she is seeing her mother since she was killed on live tv. That’s why Nat says something and Lois doesn’t. Lois wants to give Nat a moment before having to explain that she isn’t her mother.

No show is going to be a perfect version of the comics. Certain lore or characters have to change to make sense on screen vs on paper. But Superman and Lois did a great job with it. Yes, some things changed and characters were added or adapted differently. But it was still a great show. I’d recommend you give it another shot. It is all on the CW app, I believe.


Early on Lois met Morgan Edge at the mines, layed out all the cards and told him to cut the crap since she didn’t want to play charades about each others intentions. Can’t get any more bold and blunt than that. :man_shrugging:

Either way, don’t think these discussions will go anywhere seeing as you don’t have context for the majority of the Series. We’ll just go back and fourth recapping what happened for you and explaining the reason for characters actions.

If you don’t like the show or interpretation of the characters from the 1st episode and Youtube clips you’ve seen it’s completely fine but coming into a finale thread to complain just seems like kicking up dust and it’ll be a lot healthier for everyone to leave these discussions behind and move on.

Have a good weekend everyone. :+1: @arkhamassassin @Row.Harper


How do you know so much about it if you don’t watch the show?

If I give it a shot, it will be on HBO Max or some other site because it’s not worth the commercial breaks to me.

Your response seems to conflict with @arkhamassassin’s. If Lois didn’t know what Nat looked like, she wouldn’t have known it’s Nat from another dimension.

I know no adaptation will be 100% accurate to the source material, but I still don’t get how the show gets greenlit and applauded by fans when the same actor was vastly underpowered and overly-insulted in Supergirl. Different actor, okay, no problem. Same actor, same people, I am very angry, and nothing short of an apology or some b.s. excuse of that version of Supergirl was erased during Crisis on Infinite Earths would suffice nor quell by disgust with DC, WB, and those who made this show possible. Granted, my disgust only extends to all aspects of this show and solely related to this show, but I will never just forget how they treated Superman in that show.