Superman and Lois S1E15 Finale [Reaction Thread]

:rotating_light:Spoiler Warning​:rotating_light:

Couldn’t find the thread for it so I made one. Enjoy, Chat and be Super. :+1:


It was an awesome™:+1: episode.

Jordan vs Supes. He didn’t want to fight and fell right into his trap.

The the plan to split up and conquer.

Lois and John trying save Jordan. Cool mind scene. Nice moments with Jordan and Lois. John with the Killgrave’s gun to help and a nice family reunion.

The Kushing’s evacuating but end up help the people as the town came together in a crisis.

Supes and Steel versus edge and others. Cool fight and Greta visuals and ever is defeated. He just wanted family but had it all along.

The day is saved and time to celebrate. The Kushing’s party as all is well with them. Have a feeling Lana may be running for Mayor next season :thinking:.

The Gazette is saved as Lois and the other (forgot name) start it up. That was a sweet scene.

Steel planning on going. Nice moment with Lois.

John playing Injustice and seem so be getting closer to Taylor (that’s her name right the flags villain daughter)

Jordan and Sarah are together again. Nice moments but no reveal yet.

Sam is gone from the DOD. Wonder who will take over.

And Supes buries his pops in a bittersweet scene.

Then the big tease Nat is back. Wonder is she really her or someone else. :thinking:

The season overall a great season. A Great look at Superman in the Arrowverse and the changes post Crisis. Really enjoyed seeing a show start with an experienced hero. They always want to go back to the start but with heroes like Supes who’ve had there origin told left and right it was nice to just start. The steel twist was great definitely something I didn’t see coming. And Edges Kryptonian twist was great. A cool original character. Al characters where used well with grey visuals and music too.

In short it was :00_superman1:uper :sweat_smile:

Really excited for what they have in store for next season.


Best DC show ever. Best material DC has put out on camera in a looong time. My favorite Superman. They nailed everything. Tone, aesthetics, characterization, costumes, action, drama. This how I want to see Superman… this how I want to see my superheroes in live action. I’m already thinking about the inevitable day this will be off the air, and dreading it. Hopefully they keep up the good job for years to come.


What a fantastic finale! They wrapped up the main story, but other threads got their due, like Lana’s family taking charge to help save Smallville, Jordan finding it within him to break Zeta’s hold and that wonderful end scene. When Steel breaks down holding his daughter you felt it.

I know we’ll have to wait until 2022 for the next season, which sucks because I want more now, but I hope it’ll be just as special as this first season was.


Still in awe of how they nailed making this show so consistently good throughout its run despite facing production issues due to Covid. :clap: :clap: :clapper:

The throwbacks to earlier in the Season was an awesome touch. With the amount of care put into writing each character it earned all these moments of pay-off and reminiscence. Just fantastic.

Great mix of EPIC-ness and Personal-ness (if that’s a word).
The score’s always so well-placed. They just know when to pull those heart strings.

Tyler as Superman and Bitsie as Lois once again phenomenal. Both in emotion and strength. They’ve perfectly nailed these characters. :100: :fire: :fire:

So curious to see the new dynamic between Nat, Jonathan and Jordan. Especially Jonathan considering he knows a fair amount about her and was bonding with her Dad in the ‘work shop’ similarly to how she did on their Earth.

The romance between Jordan and Sarah’s real cute. I half expected Jordan to levitate into the air similarly to how Clark did when revealing who he was to Lois. Then again, she’d probably freak out considering how many flying Evil Kryptonian’s they’ve seen this year lol

Overall such a satisfying finale and amazing treat for fans of Superman and LOIS :slight_smile:


This :point_up_2:

One of the best things this show did was achieve balance. The mix of family drama and super-heroic action is just right.

And this :point_up_2:

Do they typically release these CW soundtracks on iTunes? My search for Superman & Lois yields nothing in the music category.


Why no mention of supergirl or Argo city the producers did great job but screwed up


I imagine Argo City was retconned out of existence Post-Crisis. At least according to the Arrowverse Wiki Argo hasn’t been mentioned since The Flash Season 6, Part 3 of The Crisis.

From what I remember Pre-Crisis Clark and Lois conceived their ‘original’ Jonathan there but as we’ve seen in this series through Clark’s flashback via Tal-Roh’s mind-jump that they conceived their children on Earth throughout the whole pregnancy.

So these are a few of many Post-Crisis changes that whatever lore previously established can be different now such as Morgan Edge’s character being completely different than Pre-Crisis Morgan Edge or The Fortress of Solitude, at least if the Wiki is true hasn’t been shown on Supergirl since Season 6, Episode 4 which was also Pre-Crisis so for Post-Crisis Superman and Lois the Fortress can look different.

As far as Supergirl not being mentioned I wonder if it has to do with her being gone (off-planet or something probably not dead) at the end of her series idk. Recently the show runner has said that Season 2 of Superman and Lois will give more answers as to where in the timeline this show takes place. Apparently all of the shows are being vague as to referencing each other to not step over or spoil anyone’s storylines with these shifts/potential shifts in production by Covid. Who knows, guess we’ll see down the road.


I believe on supergirl post crisis mentioned Argo city


ok if that’s the case they should update the wiki

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It really says something when I can get my wife to sit through an episode of a superhero story.

Very mature adult writing, the themes of family and brothers, sons and daughters really well done.

Even the grandparent theme, very well done. I can’t wait to see Grandpa Lane dealing with his sort of new granddaughter.


I think I may have figured out why they decided to have twins as Superman and Lois’ Sons and not have both of them with powers. They want to explore the possibility of turning Jordan and Jonathan into The Supersons version for tv. With not being able to bring Batman into stories, would also be hard to bring in Damian so they are replacing him with the non-powered Brother Jonathan. They may still eventually give Jonathan powers but let’s see how this dynamic could play out for now. Also interested to see how close Nat and Jonathan get to each other in next season.


Interesting idea. Can definitely see that as a potential route. Since Steel with his tech is the non-super power counter to Superman on the show and Jonathan has shown interest in that stuff it’s kinda like the shows version of Robin to Steel.


This was a great finale to a great season. Everyone had incredibly emotional moments and everyone nailed that acting. It was all phenomenal.

A couple thoughts:

Can Jordan fly on his own now?
Does Sarah know? Because she saw Lois talking to Superman. And it was kinda obvious with the whole family except Clark there looking for Jordan.
Is that actually Nat?
What’s General Lane going to do now?

I, 100%, thought that pod was going to have Kara in it. I get why we aren’t mentioning other shows but a side-mention of Kara, or the time period so we know Kara isn’t on Earth yet or not around, would be nice. I know it is to let new viewers not get caught up in the Arrowverse, but for the rest of us it hurts. Especially, with such a Krypton based storyline.

And yes, if Supergirl comes back and addresses this in the rest of their final season, I will be happier. But right now, I’m just confused.

Overall, a fantastic season and I can’t wait for the next one. The future of the Arrowverse is bright.


Such a great show. Beautifully shot and acted. The power of LOVE TM!


If Kara was in the pod, as much as I would’ve been confused at 1st, I think I actually would’ve ultimately been relieved because that would’ve finally confirmed this is set outside of Earth-Prime. Although hearing from the AI that the pod was locked onto John’s armor made me realize it probably wasn’t gonna be her. Guess we’ll just have to wait probably months before either Supergirl or season 2 gives us some answers as to Kara’s complete lack of involvement here


Yeah, General Lane even calls Superman and Steel The World’s Finest!


I feel if it was Kara it would have made Diggle’s appearance really confusing :sweat_smile:. But it would have been interesting.

I do think Kara will get more mentions in S2 and the rest of the verse in general. I think they just wanted to keep there goal of making the show before the connection.

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He did fly down gently so I think he may fly next season. As for Sarah I think she has some hunches on the powers.


Jon has no powers, that was Jordan lowering them down.