Superman and Lois Lane - Speculation Thread

So, the show is officially announced.

This thread is here for speculation primarily.

I’m a bit on the fence here.

Tyler looks like Superman, but I feel like the Superman character in the Arrowverse has been really damaged by the treatment he’s gotten by the Supergirl writers.

She’s taken his primary villain, Lex Luthor, and (most of) his staple rogues gallery as well.

So I’m not sure what they can do with him.

He’s the weaker, less moral, less hopeful, less respected Kryptonian with no purpose and no villains and… Eh. Just.

He brings nothing to the table.

As much as I want to see a new Superman series, I just don’t see how they can without some serious retconning.

All we know is that in the Arrowverse Superman was fought and killed by Doomsday. That was referenced in CoIE, but for some reason he never fought Bizzaro, Metallo, Toyman, or Brainiac.

Without Lex and his staple, while being an Earth-based show, I’m just not seeing how this can work.

Maybe now that he gets his own show they’re not going to force him to be perpetually second fiddle? They still need some way to fix the Rogues gallery issue.

Maybe start giving him her villains from the comics as a kind of smile and wink at what Supergirl did?

Lesa-Lar? Xenon? The Diasporins?

This really bothers me because I really can’t find a way to reconcile things while keeping him in the Arrowverse.

Maybe the merging of the worlds changed things?


True, up to now Superman has been a “jobber” in the Arrowverse, but if they want this show to fly (sorry) the show runners will have to restore his stones. I believe Geoff Johns is one of the producers so there is hope. Let’s hope he doesn’t get beat up by Batwoman. I just hope (there’s that word again) this show has the chemistry and charm of its predecessor, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; that would be a good foundation upon which to build something special.


The show would be better without Tyler. Routh had more chemistry with Lois than Tyler and his Superman presence is off the charts


Personally, I haven’t been this excited about a show, well…ever! I say let’s not pronounce it doomed before it’s even filmed a single episode. I personally liked Hoechlin’s understated performance in the role and think he will be just fine when given his own material. As far as playing second fiddle to Kara, I feel you guys…but I’ve come to realize it’s her show and her place to shine. Plenty of Superman material to pull from and they can come up with their own original ideas too. I vote for letting it breathe and giving it a chance. We’re getting Superman…that’s enough to make this fan happy :smiley:


I would be really annoyed if they have to do original stuff for him because they gave all of his stuff to her.


Well my big bold prediction, which in all likelihood is wrong, is a president Lex storyline. His current status quo change during COIE seems like a pretty good way to set that up.

Brainiac hasn’t appeared…that would be rather awesome.

New villains Red Cloud and the Invisible Mafia would be good for TV.

Mongul, Parasite, Eradicator, Lobo, Ulysses, Wraith, H’el, Morgan Edge are a few others off the top of my head. Not to mention, nothing wrong with using a villain that appeared on Supergirl. Not like these villains didn’t make multiple appearances in the comics. Should be fine as long as the stories are fine :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a bit weird because in the Arrowverse a lot of these villains that were Superman villains now have never even met him as they only met Supergirl.

That’s been my biggest beef with Supergirl. They kept taking all the best Superman storylines and giving them to her.

What’s so funny about truth, justice, and the American way? (aka Superman vs the Elite)

For the Man Who Has Everything… (often regarded as the best Superman story of all time)

Red Son

Zod and the Phantom Zone Villains (this was gender swapped as the main 1st season story)

Toyman (S-Girl made Toyman Kara’s friend’s father)

Metallo (that one stung)

Brainiac (yup Supergirl did brainiac)

There just isn’t a lot of stuff for Superman.

They’re going to have to do some course correcting and the jobbing crap needs to stop. Superman better get top billing, at least in his own blasted show.


He’s a tiny superman in my opinion, he’s neither tall or built. Routh is tall and built, Cavill is not tall but he’s jacked.

I don’t think that they necessarily need to be too built, but they should be at, or near, 6ft 4in - Which is how tall Superman is.

I’m just wondering who the new, second son he got at the end of Crisis is supposed to be. Presumably, it’s Connor (now no longer a clone?), but it be interesting if was Christopher, with the “post-Crisis” backstory being he found the infant from the Phantom Zone, and now Zod’s coming to the Arrowverse?


@CaptThunder001 That would be amazing if they added Chris! Good call!

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Although I just read a rumor that the “second son” is actually Damian, left in the Kents’ care after Bruce’s disappearance in Batwoman. Nothing confirmed yet, but honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the route they’re going (also, if true, I’m calling it now: next year’s crossover is “The Return of Bruce Wayne.”)


What if. Just what if they start his show off with the injustice storyline? Start on a different earth And run with it. It would be easy and if done right they could make it amazing

I think people need to stop automatically assuming that this show is going to involve Clark constantly fighting super-baddies.

My sense of it based on what we know is that it’s going to be much more Family-focused than Heroics-focused, especially since we’re dealing with a Clark and Lois who are in their late 30s/early 40s and are well-established in ALL of their respective careers.


They’re not going to start Superman’s first series in 20 years (Smallville doesn’t count. That was explicitly not Superman) by doing a dark evil Superman story.

I would tune out instantly.

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It’s a CW Superhero show. I would be disappointed if it was basically a sitcom or family values drama. They’re not going to do a CW superhero show without him doing the villain of the week schtick.

I never said that the show wouldn’t involve Superheroics; I said that I don’t think that it’s going to be focused on the Superheroics as much as people keep assuming based on what we know about it and what we know about Clark and Lois’ established histories.

Based on what we know about it, I think the tone is going to be much more similar to that of Black Lightning than anything else that we’ve seen from the Arrowverse thus far.


From what we’ve read so far, I agree with you…I think the show may have a bit of a Rebirth feel to it (family man Supes). Just hope that the super heroics are not completely relegated to the side in favor of that :slightly_smiling_face:.


I kinda doubt that. Black Lightning doesn’t have the broad-range appeal as most of the other CW shows.

I’m not ragging on it either, I’m an author. I write in YA, but I have a lot of friends who write in different niche-fictions.

Black Lightning is niche fiction. It has a narrow demographic focus designed to appeal to a smaller, but often under-represented, audience.

My main YA series is very close to niche-fiction. I have wide support due to diversity and the fact that YA action is the prime market. Even with that, because my books have a main character that is ace and another character that is a female to male transgender I skirt the edge even if the core story content isn’t focused on those issues.

If I did focus on those issues, and didn’t follow the formula/trend, then I would lose too much of my market share from being, out-of-genre.

Or, to put it simply:

People buy chocolate chip cookies expecting chocolate chip cookies. While gingerbread cookies are still cookies, and they sell well in Christmas months, they don’t have the broad appeal of chocolate chip cookies.

The term “tone” in my comment refers not only to the way a story is told, but to what the focus of the story is.

Black Lightning is a Family Drama first and a Superhero series second, and I think that we’re going to see something similar done with Superman and Lois.