Superman and Batman live action show anyone?

What if DC did another before Superman and Batman show but it actually be about them while their just starting out as heroes?
To explain, Gotham and Metropolis are neighboring cities and would start off with Bruce Wayne beginning his nights as a vigalante and Clark Kent interning at the Daily planet. Batman would be 21 and Superman would be 19. Would be an interesting new take on their origins and friendship.


I think it’s a good concept. It would benifit from a smaller run on streaming So it won’t overstay its welcome (6-10 episodes/season, about 4 seasons self contained.) Also a timeline in the show bible so they won’t have a tween Batman running around. Season one would be like six episodes and have little interaction between the two with Bruce merely looking into Clarks abilities before a “chance” meeting to stop a group of gun runners or a child slavery operation. The focus could be what shapes them, how the two inspire each other, and their similerities that grew into their differences through circumstance. In short why they are the World’s Finest.


I’d check it out.

yes…and i’ll just say, i’ll watch pretty much anything that is dc comics related.