Superman American Alien

I read the entire “Superman American Alien” mini-series today and I thought it was an awesome take on our favorite resident Kryptonian! Not just the same retelling of the origin we get every so often, but Superman’s origin highly modernized and essentially viewed under a microscope. Awesome moments in this thing too! Clark’s Heat Vision vs. The guy with the shotgun’s arms was quite the horror show lol! LOVED this thing from start to finish!


When he shot Clark with the shotgun and was in disbelief that he was still standing is a hell of a moment. Also that slug did a number on his nose. I like that he wasn’t completely invulnerable to stuff like poison and bullets when he was young. Yeah it won’t kill him but he can still be affected by it.


The best short, seven issues, easy to read, with great art, DC comic I have read recently.

I really enjoyed American Alien. Definitely up there with the best Superman elseworlds stories.

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I love it. I’d read it b4 from the Library but it was worth a reread. Liked the Boat/ Cruise part when he pretended to be Bruce Wayne. Lots of great characters out of character in it. Nice twist & good read.

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