Superman '78 Feels Like Going Home Again

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Brainiac?!

If I tell you I was a 1980s kid, can you read my mind and guess how much I adored Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie? That’s right. A lot. There’s so much to love. Christopher Reeve’s timeless portrayal of both the Man of Steel and Clark Kent is deliberately thoughtful and heroic without ever feeling too cheesy. And what can I say about Margot Kidder, the effortless epitome of Lois Lane? And, of course, there’s the Chief and Jimmy and Lex and…

So, you can imagine how excited I am to see them all return in a brand-new story in Superman ’78! Rob Venditti and Wilfredo Torres have crafted a sequel to the first Superman movie that feels both modern and nostalgic for fans of that era. Torres sets the Metropolis mood with detailed backgrounds and captures the essence of the beloved characters. Venditti masterfully gives them the personalities we all remember from our days watching the movie over and over on a wobbly VHS tape.

Let’s open the cover and be transported back to the streets of Metropolis. If you were an ’80s kid too, or simply a fan of Superman: The Movie , I promise it will feel just like going home again.

To see a little more of what lies beneath the cover of Superman '78, head over to DC Comics!

Have you checked out Superman '78 yet? Let us know in the comments! :point_down:


Oh this will be a must have in print for me! It looks incredible! Time for a Reeve movies marathon!


Such a fun read! I had no problem “Hearing” Reeve, Kidder, Cooper and McClure as I read their parts!
For Brainiac however, I really hear his voice from DC Universe Online (Mostly because I play that game so much in my free time and Brainiac has a substantial presence therein)


It was a fun first issue. I think Venditti captures the characters’ voices and overall tone from the original movie very nicely. So does the art by Torres capture their likeness. I like the spin on robot Brainiac being a mere drone for the actual green skinned villain. Not too much to go on story-wise here, other than a nice set-up for what’s to come.


Can’t wait to read this and see Christopher Reeve’s Superman verus the long a wait villian, Brainiac.:smiley:


This looks like it could be good, but honestly I’ve never really had the nostalgic love for this movie that other fans of the character had – I just never could get into it until I was a teenager and it just didn’t hit me the same way that, say, Batman '89 did for comics/superheroes and Superman: The Animated Series would later for Superman.

I’ll definitely give it a read when it hits DCUI though.


I really liked it! They captured the tone perfectly. I wasn’t sure what to think of the art at first, but when the story kicked in, I was sold. I’ve always wanted to see Reeve’s Superman go up against Brainiac. It never mattered which version, I just wanted to see it. When Superman “introduces” himself, I could hear Williams’ theme and hear Reeve’s voice. That’s an amazing moment.


Although…Brainiac does look a little like Matt Frewer on that last page.


(although I don’t really see Brainiac doing a Max Headroom stutter!)



I’m thikin’ that Wilfredo Torres may be a fan of Dudley Moore films. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :+1:

Ps. Loving this Supes series. :+1: :00_superman: :00_superman1:


Superman '78 and Batman '89 remind me a lot of Superman Confidential and Batman Confidential. This is not a bad thing in the least. What I mean by this is both of these lines had a mission statement to return to a bygone era. Like the Confidential series, I am definitely digging the Superman title more than Batman. Batman '89 is good but Superman '78 is great. It hits all of the notes that I want in a Superman movieverse story.


Not yet…but I loved the movies


I’d have taken a Matt Frewer Brainiac any day of the week. We know him as Max Headroom, sure, but his work on Orphan Black and his Sherlock Holmes TV movies shows he can do intelligent and sinister.


I definitely think Matt Frewer would make a great Brainiac!