Superheroes: Coffee, Tea, or Soda?

How do heroes get their caffeine?

I think Superman drinks coffee, but it’s decaf. The caffeine wouldn’t do anything for his Kryptonian physiology.

Batman probably avoids caffeine because it can make you twitchy and unfocused. If he drinks anything, it’s probably tea, either courtesy of Alfred or some obscure medicinal brew he discovered on his travels.

Wonder Woman seems like a tea drinker too, though I’m not sure what specifically gives me that impression. Could’ve picked up a taste for soda while working at Taco Whiz, though.

Speedsters are too hyper on their own to need caffeine, but I’ll bet chronically-late Barry Allen got into the habit of drinking coffee or soda before he became a speedster. Wally would drink soda for the extra calories.

Hal, Guy, and John seem like coffee guys. Kyle seems like a soda-drinker. Don’t know as much about Simon or Jessica, but I’ll guess coffee and tea, respectively.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Batman drink coffee before.

I’ve no doubt Shazam is a soda drinker. When you keep a body like that and not worry about calories, go full hog on the cola, lol.


Batman is a total coffee nerd. He talks about his coffee maker at length in Batman: Odyssey.


Batman is very much the coffee drinker.

Diana is probably a soda drinker. Although more of an Italian soda type.

HQ is also a soda drinker, cuz Pam would lose her mind if Harley was drinking something plant tore leaves or beans from plants.

I think Pam would stick to water…or chlorophyll.

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Mad Hatter definitely drinks tea.


Bruce loves coffee. How could he not?


Damien definitely drinks tea, but I wouldn’t put it past him to partake in a soda to fit in with the Titans, or drink a coffee to try and be more adult.

Constantine drinks tea

Booster gold drinks Red Bull


or does Booster drink Gold Bull, his own ripoff brand with his face on the can?


Constantine drink beer. No chance in hell, Johnny boy drinks tea.


“What do you drink to wake up in the morning, John?”


“But beer doesn’t have any caffeine in it!”

“Doesn’t stop me, does it?”


Chlorophyll? More like bore-ophyll!

Batman definitely drinks both coffee and tea regularly, depending on time of day and what Alfred brings him. He would never drink soda.

Aquaman drinks mineral water

I don’t care they have the movie Version drinking beer