Superhero Shows Without the Superhero Really?

Call me old fashioned call me a nerd but when it comes to superhero movies and shows I want it about said superhero! So if you haven’t heard that with Robbert Patterson new Batman movie they are going to be doing a show supposedly about the cops in Gotham am I the only one feeling déjà vu cough cough ( Gotham tv show was on FOX) . Excuse me those pesky remake coughs; so the difference this is supposed to be edgier because it’s on Max sorry not Cinemax the other one HBO Max. I think yes some will watch it but I also feel like this is a waste of potential because it’s going to be the same show just with cussing and maybe nudity. My opinion if you have to have a show set in Gotham have the show be centered around the lower level or not so well known superhero’s that reside in Gotham. For example Allen Scott the original Green Lantern or you could pick the Question (@HubCityQuestion) there are many hero’s that help protect Gotham. So who do you think they should make a tv show if it has to be set
in Gotham.

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