Superhero music Hall of Fame

Taking nominations for the superhero music hall of fame. Songs or scores associated with superheroes in any way, even a fleeting reference are eligible.
I’m nominating Superman by the Crash Test Dummies. It’s a beautiful song that sums up Supes in its refrain “Superman never made any money, saving the world from Solomon Grundy” There’s a melancholy tone to the song that suggests we don’t deserve his sacrifice and he would be justified in joining Tarzan in the jungle. But, he won’t because he’s Superman.
Read the lyrics, it makes for a nice poem on its own. Also, there’s a live version that’s even better.


DC noms:

-Sammy Timburg’s (I believe that’s his name) theme for the Fleischer brothers’ Superman shorts
-theme to the Adam West Batman TV series
-John Williams’ Superman theme
-the Wonder Woman TV series theme
-Jerry Goldsmith’s Supergirl theme
-Danny Elfman’s Batman and Batman: The Animated Series themes
-Shirley Walker’s themes for Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman/Superman Adventures and (I think she did this one too) Justice League
-Hans Zimmer’s Superman and Wonder Woman themes
-Benjamin Wallfisch’s Shazam theme (on par with Williams’ and Elfman’s work)


-Shuki Levi’s theme to X-Men
-Danny Elfman’s Spider-Man theme


-Jerry Goldsmith’s theme for The Shadow
-Alan Silvestri’s theme for Judge Dredd


Vroom you may have nailed all the scores/themes. The Zimmer Wonder Woman theme flipping rocks, Doomsday stares through the swirling dust, we hear hear the rhythmic drums and driving guitar and there stands Diana. His Superman theme is slower, more serene and makes great bedtime music.

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Anything from Hans Zimmer


I think Zimmer gets in for individual works and a lifetime achievement award

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Anything from Zimmer.

Silvestri’s Infinity War and Endgame soundtrack was top notch.

The iconic Superman theme by John Williams.

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How about Save Me, by Remy Zero? Just hearing that during the Arrowverse crossover got me going

Bliztkrig Bop by the Ramones as the closing credits and in film for Into the SpiderVerse. Well…cuz it’s the Ramones…Nuff said

Batman Beyond Theme by Kristopher Carter. IMO it is the best opening theme music for any superhero animated show, movie, or live action film. It sets the stage and the entire world up just by its sound. You don’t even need to see the visual to get exactly the type of show & Batman you are going to get. And all this is done in exactly 60 seconds and with no lyrics. Better than Williams themes for either Superman or Star Wars.

DeSade, Ramones in by acclamation (good movie too)
Will have to listen to Batman Beyond theme.

DeSade just listened to Batman Beyond intro, I agree fits perfectly. Not sure how to describe it, some techno punk with a sixties vibe, which kind of does tell you what kind of show you’re watching

Elfman’s score for BTAS and Zimmer’s for The Dark Knight Rises (his scores for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were good, but you can tell that he upped his game for The Dark Knight Rises). Also, just a random shout out to Penguin’s theme from Gotham. I just think that it matches the character and is used really well especially in Season 1.


Adding Led Zeppelin’s 70’s rock classic The Immigrant Song for its use in Thor Ragnarok in the final battle. “We come from the land of ice and snow, From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow” Jimmy Page cranking the guitar and Plants vocals awesome.

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Second for Jerry Goldsmith’s Shadow score! And Shirley Walker should be an inductee for all her iconic and timeless BTAS music.

There’s a little-known 1983 superhero musical starring Alan Arkin called The Return of Captain Invincible. It’s something.

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Danny Elfman gets credit for a lot of Shirley Walker’s work. This is a really neat little clip of her explaining her Batman motifs

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I suppose it’s debatable on wether Flash Gordon is a superhero or just an adventurer. But, either way he did appear in comics.

The entries soundtrack of the Lash Gordon movie, done entirely by Queen.

As I understand it, the BB theme uses a lot of minor chords, which sets it apart from a lot of themes that use full, round major chords. I think that gives it the “this ain’t your father’s Batman” feel.

Dogwelder, there’s definitely a theme with your choices, think their all in
DeSade, I vote that Flash Gordon is a superhero but issue needs to go to full committee. Thanks for the analysis of the BB theme, it’s always nice when someone can explain why I think “huh, that’s different”