Superhero Dinner Party

You are hosting a dinner party.
You can invite up to 5 different DC characters.
Who do you invite?
Who do you send a message to specifically telling them NOT to come?

For me, I would probably invite my favorites,

  1. Wally West
  2. Kyle Rayner
  3. Saint Walker
  4. Supes (you can’t not invite Superman!)
  5. And Mr. Mxyzptlk just for the fun of it!
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Green Arrow, but he’s got to bring chili

The Question: because conspiracy theories are great conversation starters.

Kilawog: you know he’s got a ton of fun stories

XS: because a speedster would make quick work of the dishes, and if you invite Barry, Iris HAS to come and I’d kill Wally West myself. I’d invite Reverse Flash, but he’d never help with the dishes.

Power Girl: She’d be a great foil for the Question’s conspiracy theories and I want the eye candy.


Barbara Gordon would be my first thought. I just want to be her friend.
Dick Grayson would be fun to have there if Babs is there.
Zatanna because she would have the best party tricks.
Wally West has a bubbling personality that I love.
And finally Krypto the Superdog–just because I love puppers :slight_smile:


Krypto is a good one! Nice thinking outside the box!

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Well, I guess it would just have to be the founding Titans. They’re fun.

Roy, Donna, Garth, eat your dinners. I know you’re corpses, but have some manners, for craps’ sake.

And Dick, stop telling me to call you Ric. What kind of shortening of “Richard” is “Ric?” No. It’s not happening, man. Wait, why aren’t you answering me? Oh, Wally went nuts and killed you because PTSD makes you slaughter everyone around you? No, I’m pretty sure that’s notWAIT WAIT WALLY STO-