Supergods by Grant Morrison

I’m currently listening to Supergods by Grant Morrison (narriated by John Lee)-and it is wonderful. Like most of us here on DCU, I’ve seen many documentaries on comic books, some just on DC, some on all comics (PBS has a terrific documentary), several on Stan Lee–but this is different. A lot of the same territory is covered, but this is more of a love letter to comic books than a tutorial documentary on the history of one of America’s greatest art forms (right there with jazz). I just feel good knowing that there are others out there-even in my age group (56) who are unapologetic about their love of great stories with great artwork.

If you haven’t read or listened to it-do yourself a favor.

DC forever


I read it. Good read.


It’s amazing how stories wrapped in colorful panels can deeply resonate with us, no matter our age; It is a great read.


One of the docs I saw said simply “when you take the best story writers with the best artists-you get magic.” Couldn’t agree more.