Anyone else been reading this book since it came back in August? Never read her comics prior but these last 3 issues have been stellar. Kevin McGuire has been killing it on the art and I’m curious to see where this mystery leads Kara.

If you’ve been reading Bendis Superman and not feeling it, I suggest trying this book out as i think it will surprise ya!


I agree, Andreyko and McGuires run has been great so far. I love exploring the Circle, and the history of Krypton. Kara still deeply cares about Krypton with loss still fresh, so letting her do this investigation was the right call.


Same here. I loved the last 3 issues. The art is beautiful and the story has been fun and action-filled. I’m all-in on this one.


Yes, it is a better book then the Superman and Action Comics Bendis debacle. At the very least, Supergirl has focus

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Awesome to see all the responses on here for a supremely overlooked comic! Tell your comic community as much as you can to support this book so we can get as many issues out of this run as possible!

I read in trades, but Supergirl has been a blast for me since the New 52. Glad to hear the new writers are also doing a good job!