Supergirl VS Superman III

Which do you prefer? I think Superman 3 is marginally better. I thought Slater was great, but some of the other actors and actresses gave cringe worthy performances. What do you think?


Christopher Reeve as Superman alone reason enough to choose Superman III over Supergirl.


what RandallusPrime said…

Have to agree that Christopher Reeve is all that needs to be said concerning Superman III, but you are correct that Helen Slater did an incredible job of portraying Supergirl. I’ve always wished that Christopher Reeve would have done the cameo he was supposed to have though.

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There are enjoyable moments in “Superman III” like the factory rescue, “evil” Superman and the Smallville/Lana stuff, but the main plot and villains are terrible and Richard Pryor’s performance annoys me. I watched “Supergirl” for the first time since I was a kid and about the only thing it has going for it is Helen Slater. She looks good in the costume and she gives an earnest performance but that’s about it. The rest of the movie is pretty forgettable.

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Good summary. Overall, Superman III has more going for it.

Super Girl isn’t as bad as Superman IV but just nothing memorable beyond Supergirl being hot while Supes III has Christopher Reeves, Clark vs Evil Superman and Lana being played by Smallville’s Martha Kent

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Supergirl is a film I desperately want to like. Helen Slater’s performance is great, and she looks phenomenal as Supergirl!
The script for Supergirl is rather weak. (A petty witch is the big-bad?! Where does the uniform come from?! Is she shapeshifting?! Why does Linda wait so long to rescue that gardener from the truck?!)
I think all the actors did the best they could with what they were given, but the drama and tension were minimal.
But I like Supergirl better than Superman III.
Supergirl had everything working against it… and even now I want to like it.
Superman III squandered all of the franchise’s previous success and I want to skip it.

Its been a while since I’ve seen the original Donner films, just wrapped up Superman 1 and 2. I recognize they’re old and landmark films, but holy cow they don’t stand up.

The plot of Superman 1 is: “Stuff happens”

And in Superman 2 they set rules about taking away his powers saying he can never get them back, and then he immediately gets them back.

I forgot how goofy these movies. I’m scared to watch Supergirl, but I do like her so… fingers crossed.

I like Superman III slightly more than Supergirl, but I think both are way better than Superman I, Superman II and Superman IV.

Both Supergirl and Superman III had a charm to them that is timeless.

While the other movies were cool when they were released, the other movies have not stood the test of time well at all in my opinion.

I can still enjoy Superman The Movie and II but it probably has to do more with nostalgia as I grew up with them on TV and VHS. Seen them so many times during my life

But as films on their own, yeah I admit they don’t have the same magic anymore

I’d give the edge to Supergirl. Parts of Superman III are just too silly in an unenjoyable way to me. I like Supergirl overall much better.