:00_supergirl_arrowverse:Supergirl Season 6 Part 2 Thread:00_supergirl_arrowverse:

Didn’t see a thread for the new one this week so might as well make a thread for the rest of the Final season. Chat, Hope, and Enjoy :+1:.

It has returned.
The episode deal with the aftermath of the Phantom Zone saga.

Fun opening with the return and back to Catco with Uncle Archy​:sweat_smile:.

Dreamer and Lena dealing with the vision and trauma from the zone. Look like Lena is taking a break from the show or is this he exit until the finale (if she be back for it) :thinking:.

showing the Dad around. Still living with the trauma of Krypton’s destruction. Sad. But understandable. Leading to a Fun return from Kelex and fight Oscar the Grouch :laughing:. He then leave with a nice speech and to spend time with his wife on Argo. Very sweet.
Also with the “We can save Krypton” line all I thought was “Krypton had its chance” :sweat_smile:.

Brainy was fun. Insulting Kelex and I regret nothing :joy:.

Kara still struggling with it. And nice moments with her and Alex. And taking inspiration from Iris cool.

Now they know Nxy is back.

What’s Nxy’s plan? What’s Andea’s plan? What will Kara write? All this and more Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Time :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Channel

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I always enjoy your little summaries. They’re lighthearted, fun, and only work for those that have actually watched the episode :slightly_smiling_face:.

This episode felt like some of the 90s comics I’ve read. Outlandish concepts (garbage monster, matter to energy converting robot) backed by very thin explanations, in a somewhat goofy plot that still manages to have heart.

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Thanks :+1:

And yeah. It did feel like a 90s comic​:sweat_smile:

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Well it looks like the CW is following up Black Lightning’s utter lack of episode promos w/ the same route for Supergirl in the back half of its last season. The lack of care in actually advertising SG’s final episodes is just disrespectful and completely ridiculous like it was w/ BL. But the SG fanbase is notably bigger and more passionate online than BL’s, so the SG social media posts are gonna be completely flooded w/ replies and comments asking where the promos are, and for good reason

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Nice episode.

Kara still getting back into things. And helps save some wronged alone prisoners with Manhunter and Alex’s help. Cool story nice stuff with it. Then interviewed and helping Catco to too.

Dreamer figures given out her dreams. I think the owl may be her moms spirit in a way. And Nxy tricked just as she wanted.

Kelly getting some spotlight. Very nice moments with her and the kids. Now she’s finally suiting up as Gaurdian. Nice looking forward to that.

Can Kelly take the mantle? What Nxy’s plan? Will Supergirl and the team be able to stop it? All this and more Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Time Same
:00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Channel

True why don’t they promote there final seasons more. They normally get more views being a final season. Just look at Arrow. Very strange. :thinking:

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Exactly! Both Arrow and Supernatural got plenty of promotion from the CW in their final seasons. But w/ Supergirl and Black Lightning, not showing teasers anymore gives the impression that the network is trying to bury them and just hurry them out the door. And considering those 2 shows don’t have a white male lead, it comes across as a pretty ugly double standard

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Nice episode.

Dreamer struck a deal. Cool moments with her mom. Learned some new things with her powers. And a new challenge fit her to overcome.

Supergirl dealing with the system. The PSA was hilarious :joy:. And some nice stuff with her fighting for the people. Save the building but it’s all a trap to Nxy’s plan. Cool villain moment with her.

Then Mxy shows up. Interesting. Think he may be the dad :thinking:. But I do have a feeling he will die.

Can Kara beat Nxy? How will Mxy help? Will Kelly live up to the Gaurdian name? All this and more Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Time Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Channel


Great episode.

Mxy is back and here to help. Learn more about his past with nxy. Interesting as old friends. His I will survive was hilarious :laughing:.

Then the team fights the giant cat. Cool fight there. Dreamer dealing with letting nxy go. Nice chats from the team. The the plan to try and trick nxy. At first was wondering why not have John shape shift to Mxy but she can probably sense that and it seems dreamers energy effects of imps so most likely her in disguise worked better.

Now Mxy it captured and so it nxy (kind of) but not really. And the search for the totems begins.

Can our heroes find the totems in time? Is Mxy truly lost? And what will nxy do next? All this and more Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Time Same :00_supergirl_arrowverse:uper Channel.

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