Supergirl Season 4 Episode 21 Discussion

Just watched last night’s episode of Supergirl, Red Dawn. Overall it was a good episode with one extremely laughable moment. When Supergirl was defeated by Red Daughter and was able to live by “pulling the sunlight out of the grass”. I thought that was a little much even in a show that defies reality. Is that something that actually happened in the comics?

I wasn’t quite sure about that either. It was cool, and if she can learn to control that and maybe make that a new power whenever she gets weakened by something to just absorb sun energy from the ground and recharge her powers, that’d be kinda cool but I’m not sure about it. The other thing I didn’t quite get was the purple lightning power that Red Daughter had. She blasted Kara with it and it became night time in half a second. And it pretty much tanked all of Kara’s powers considering it was total beat down after that. The only thing I can think of is maybe that purple lightning absorbs the yellow sun energy from Kara’s body (and blocks out the sun apparently) and each hit drains more and more of the yellow sun energy from her, making her vulnerable to the point of death. That was all I could think of. It was a really great episode and I’ve enjoyed this season a lot. I’m really excited for the finale but yea, I’ll concede as good as the episode was, the logistics of the Red Daughter fight were a bit odd the more I thought about it

Pulling sunlight from vegetation has been done before in Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns.

Watch the end of this clip:

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