Supergirl S4 E1

What did everyone think about the season premiere?

I got behind on season 3, so I skipped some of the middle, but I watched most of it. My love for the characters remained but I have to admit some of the storytelling choices left me a little cold though I still enjoyed the series overall. But I was excited to see what this season would bring.

Overall, I was really pleased.

Having Alex take over the DEO is a great move for the character. Her new outfit/look is great. And I liked how her reaction to Brainy sort of mirrored what some of us, no doubt, felt about him taking over for Winn.

J’onn’s position is interesting. I wasn’t quite sure what they were going to do with the character now that he’s left the DEO. Part of me can’t help but wonder if the move doesn’t partially help from a budget standpoint as it means we’ll probably see way less of the Martian Manhunter. But I’m okay with that if we get some quality interactions like this. I thought the conflict between him and Kara made a lot of sense for both those characters and brought an interesting dimension to things.

I liked Nia a lot, and I have to say it’s refreshing to finally get back to CatCo in some way that feels substantive. The whole Snapper Carr thing was disposed of quickly, and other than some James/Lena scenes it hasn’t been used much since we don’t have Cat anymore (I miss her). But making Kara a mentor and turning into Cat is a great move, I think, and a great way to have the character grow that leans into her hope instead of trying to make her angsty. It’ll be interesting to see how Nia’s powers come into play. Although part of me wishes we could add more humans without them being superheroes. But this is pretty typical of the CW shows.

I’m fine with James no longer being Guardian, but I’m not sure that’s where it’s actually going to go. I wonder if James will feel forced to don the outfit again. But without Winn, I do wonder if he’ll be as effective anyway. Lena is a great character, and I hope if she continues to flirt with her Luthor side she never goes full villain. I think she’s more interesting as a hero who is willing to get her hands dirty. Although I know Supergirl may not approve when she finds out.

The anti-alien storyline kicks off, and I have to say I think it’s one of the better attempts by the series at allegory. Sometimes it can feel kind of on the nose and clunky (the well-meaning gun episode comes to mind) and doesn’t make as much sense in-world. But this is working really well for me. Mercy and Boris were kind of fun, although a bit more over the top than I’m used to on the show. I could have seen them work well in Lois & Clark. But at least their threat was very real.

PS - I miss when DC Collectibles made figures of people from the TV show. We’re missing out on some great characters in the figure collection.

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Just a note on ratings:

"The CW’s first Sunday-night lineup in nearly a decade put up pretty decent ratings, with Charmed performing solidly behind Supergirl.

Both shows delivered 0.5 ratings among adults 18-49 — tied for second among CW shows in the network’s opening week with Riverdale and Supernatural. Supergirl was on par with its premiere in 2017."


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Great episode! I agree with all of the changes that they made for this season.

Last season was like: “You’re a Superhero! You’re a Superhero! You’re a Superhero! Everyone’s a Superhero!”

With Jonn taking an interesting mediator role and most of the Legion going home, and Guardian putting the armor in the closet, we get a chance to get a stronger supporting cast for Supergirl.

I love Winn, but between the two, Brainy has just the edge, so that was a good call too bringing him on as a regular. He was perfect in this episode.

The arc is developing really good so far. I’m sure there’s going to be the usual few people who grumble about the political correctness of believing in equal rights, but I think they are bringing an interesting angle in Supergirl being blind to her own privilege.

Nicole Maines left a first good impression too. I wonder where they will go with her arc. She is also one of the “privileged” aliens. It wouldn’t surprise me if they grew a good friendship between her and Kara, only to turn it upside down with revealing that Nia has an inner Overgirl personality, siding with the belief that people who “look like” aliens are lesser beings.

Lillian and Lena’s corrupt souls and shenanigans are always a delight to see.

Then we get Otis, Mercy and Lynda Carter all in one episode. So much good stuff at once!

Supergirl and Flash both had really great season starters. I’m hoping that Arrow and Legends will continue this trend.

I like Brainy a lot too. He was a good part of the last season (well, the character… didn’t love the make-up) and I think he’s a good fit here.

I’m hoping the next episode will be a bit more exciting since this was the just the first one. I like the new characters - especially the new reporter. And I like the angle of having Supergirl be a mentor. It’s also nice to see a different side of Martian Manhunter. I need to go to remind myself who Mercy Graves is. I know I read about her in a comic.

I’m cautiously excited for this season. As a conservative (and an ICE supporter), I hope they tread carefully with the anti-alien story arc. They did fine with gun control, so hopefully they don’t just paint all right-wingers as radical nationalist terrorists.

I agree, it’s nice to get back to CatCo. I’m—again—cautious of Nia. Interested to see where her arc takes us and how her powers are introduced, but I don’t need to be beaten over the head all season with the fact that she’s trans like all the press for the show has done.

The Brainy dynamic should be fun. I like that he’s a regular this season. I didn’t think I’d like him as well as I did last year, but he really grew on me.