Supergirl Pride Watch-Along: First Transgender Superhero on TV! Saturday, 6/26 @ 9:30 PM EST/6:30 PM PST


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Though Nia Nal had already been an established presence in National City after the first half of Supergirl’s fourth season, it wasn’t until this installment that she would truly make history.

To help wrap up Pride Month, the Arrowverse Couch Club is hosting a watch-along for the episode of Supergirl that saw the full debut of TV’s first transgender superhero: “Menagerie.”


  • Our Watch-Along begins on Saturday, June 26th at 9:30 PM EST/6:30 PM PST :point_left:
  • We’re watching the following episode:
    • Season 4, Episode 12: Menagerie
  • You can watch Supergirl on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or you may have them on VOD or blu-ray.
  • Have the episode cued up and be ready to push “play” at the start of the hour!


At this point, Nia had appeared in 8 episodes and was quite acclimated to National City, even discovering Kara’s identity as Supergirl in the previous episode. That affair was a huge turning point for Nia, as she had to endure both the death of her mother and a transphobic confrontation from her own sister. And while she remains haunted by her mother’s death, Nia ultimately came out from that experience with a clearer sense of how to utilize her dream-based powers, especially after getting her superhero costume at the end of that episode.

She’d get the chance to put that to use pretty quickly, as she suits up here alongside Supergirl to take down Menagerie, a jewel thief who was bonded to a snake-like alien parasite and would go on to join Manchester Black’s vigilante team, The Elite. While we knew even before the season started that Nia would become a hero at some point, this episode is still historic for finally showcasing the first transgender superhero on television. It truly helped to further cement Nia’s place in LGBTQ+ history, as she continues to be an icon and a source of hope and inspiration for fans all around the world.


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Just about 8 hours until we kick things off tonight!


five hours, forty-seven minutes


The episode entitled Menagerie is episode 12. Do I go by the title? Or no…


Dammit, you’re right. Not sure how I missed that, but yeah, this is for episode 12 of season 4. It’s edited on the post now. Thank you for catching that far enough before this starts :+1:

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because 20ish minutes before it starts isn’t nerve wracking at all…


Still, it’s just in time for the banner going up, so it works :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Not quite! We’re actually starting at 9:30 tonight :mantelpiece_clock:

oops. :expressionless:

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All good. Still less than a half hour to go!

After this, I will be finishing Instinct. Then after the late night, it will be this week’s Couch assignment.

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5 minutes!

less than two minutes!

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My last countdown was calculated off of the wrong time, but I will not be editing it.

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Let’s get this started. Dream on!

I was surprised they didn’t reverse Alex once the truth teller did its thing. Or was there a threat of being tested randomly. I didn’t get that impression.

my only experience with manchester and company is only from the Superman vs the Elite movie.

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Yeah, they had to make sure Haley wouldn’t just drop by and that she’d be fully out of the picture before restoring her

Nothing like marshmallow roses to help make a superhero feel better :rose:

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Nia just tricked a 12-level intellect into a date. Gotta admire the brainpower :brain: