Supergirl / Green Lantern / 60's Showcase / '60 The Brave and the Bold / '60s Metal Men / Wednesday Comics !!!!!!

Weirdly Supergirl is almost ignored so far in the comic Library …very eager to see that expand soon Green Lantern 2011 on needs a lot of help , and the other ones I mentioned here: 60’s Showcase, 60s Brave and Bold, 60s Metal Men …we need those (Earth 2 Starman and Earth 2 Black Canary vs the Mist etc).

The other that would be great to see is the 2009 newsprint Wednesday Comics those were outrageously wonderful and creative comics, Paul Pope etc etc!!!





I agree about Wednesday comics. They were fun and imaginative. Would be interesting to see them here. I also agree on Supergirl. At some point I really want to read the “Matrix” Supergirl run. I would love for more of the old stuff to show up here. It would give it new life, especially since it seems they stopped making those black and white showcase presents collections.


Maybe I’ll take a couple of snapshots of the Wednesday newspaper comics and post here. I don’t think DC would mind it one page or two.

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Wednesday Comics was fun. I eagerly bought each issue as they came out. You could probably crack an oyster open with the trade, due to its huge size.

I don’t think WC is digitally available yet though. I imagine any titles and issues that will be added here are those already available in digital form.


There was a hard cover version published I’ll be curious to see how large it was .

22 inches long the thing was the actual newspaper.

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Oh yeah the other thing I’m very shocked isn’t here since it’s one of Dan Didio’s favorite groups: Metal Men, there’s been lots of iterations of the Metal Men. I don’t see any of them here.

Very similar concept … Metamorpho, again a wonderful series, but not here, that I recall seeing anyway. And he’s the breakout star of the Terrifics, right?

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Metal Men appear here in one comic at least, The Brave and the Bold #30.

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#74, I mean.

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Yeah, that WC hardcover is huge. When I had the singles, I thought about getting the hardcover just because of its notable size and how much of a standout it’d be amongst other books.

I’d love to see Silver Age Metal Men and Metamorpho material here as I’m a fan of both properties. Don’t know what’s already available of them digitally though. The recent-ish stories of them from the Legends of Tomorrow series were good, especially the Metal Men story.

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