Supergirl Episode Man Of Steel

This is shaping to be Supergirl’s strongest season yet! They aren’t playing around this season with hatred, bigotry, and violence. I love Supergirl’s new suit that will protect her from the toxic kryptonite air! I also liked how they took time to tell the backstory of Agent Liberty.


Disappointed nobody thought to call Clark.

Clark is on Argo according to the first episode of the season. He will be on for the crossover though.

And yes, this season is looking great so far. Such a good actor pick for Agent Liberty, and nice connections with the previous seasons in this episode.

I’m not really a fan of the power ranger armor, but hopefully it will be gone after next episode when Melossa is back in her role again.


I’m loving Mercy Graves, Rhona Mitra’s still got it. I thought it was great casting, just like Mercy she’s got legs and she knows how to use em’

Mercy Graves is hot.

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This is a great start to the new season. Bringing in Mercy from Superman TAS and Otis from Superman TMP is genius. Also Supergirl is finally the confident badass she should be. And counting the days to Elseworlds