Supergirl by David and Frank

Supergirl by David and Frank, fantastic series! In book one of the trade there’s a panel showing the smiley face with blood button. Mr. Frank must have been onto something a way long time ago. His art, btw, in Supergirl is gorgeous!!!


Always down for Supergirl appreciation (and by extension the artist and writers) :grin:
Pretty sure it’s safe to say so is Coville, but don’t quote me on that.


I don’t remember which issue that is, but the series started in 1996 and Watchmen came out in 1986. Frank was doing a homage to Moore/Gibbons, not the other way around.

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So weird. I literally went to bed last night saying, I’m going to read Peter David’s Supergirl run tomorrow. I’m a weirdo who won’t start a run until I’ve got every tie-in or optional reading order, even per arc, available. I finished David’s Supergirl mapping completely a few weeks ago & I’ve been itching to read it since. I have read some arcs that were bled into thru other reading I was doing & it was phenomenal. Can’t wait to cut loose on it.