Superboy | Kon-El, Wonder Comics.

Hey guys, got super excited about super boy’s return. Little confused though, is this main cannon? Is this pre-flashpoint or new 52? I dont remeber new 52 Conner wearing that suit, but I also dont remember pre-flashpoint Conner getting lost in Gem World. Is there something I’ve missed?

This is Pre-Flashpoint Conner! Yes, he never was shown getting lost in Gemworld before, but that flashback picks up where his early 2011 series left off.

It’s a little bit of everything. We are still technically in the New 52 universe but they have sprinkled parts of Pre Flashpoint here and there.

No matter what anyone says we have not been told yey how much this Superboy is pre flashpoint or new 52 version. Most likely it’s like most characters in Rebirth, the New 52 version with sprinkles of pre flashpoint on top.

Maybe it has to do with everything that happened in justice league with the source wall. Alot of characters started remembering things they forgot. Maybe Superboy had a “Superman Reborn” moment were the two versions melded together, and we as readers didn’t witness it. It would explain why Conner is wearing the original black shirt red shield in that flashback before being sent to GemWorld.