Superboy(Clark Kent)/Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes Discussion

I just bought the Superboy book celebrating 75 years from Amazon. I am very pleased with half of the book. I took notice that this offers some stories not currently available on DCUniverse Infinite at the time of this post:

More Fun Comics #101
Superboy (1949) #10 and 89
Adventure Comics (1935) #210 and 271

The first half of the book covers young Clark Kent as Superboy who also goes on to join the Legion of Superheroes, the second half covers Superboy Prime, Connor Kent and Jonathan Kent.

I understand Why the decision was made to include them since they all have donned the moniker of Superboy, but they are such different characters with different story arcs and personalities that they don’t blend together very well.

I bought the book for young Clark Kent to see his adventures in Smallville and with the Legion. I do like Connor, but he is a completely different vibe, 50’s vs 90’s lol.

With all of that being said, I did want to make this thread to discuss this young Clark Kent (Who also appeared in Generations Shattered and Generations Forged)

I find him very endearing and honestly the blueprint for Jordan Kent on Superman and Lois (To an extent).

It is honestly hard for me to see him as the same person and the man he grew into. What are others thoughts on this Superboy?

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