Superboy and the Ravers: Has Anyone Read This Series?

I’ve got this series coming in the mail and I was curious if anyone here has read it. It looks like a fun series from the covers.


Sounds like the one from the 90s, I’m still looking…O did find this, is this similar.?
Superboy And The Invisible Girl

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As I thought I remembered, Superboy and the Ravers features the worst of the mid-90s, with all the testosterone and feckless creative-less soulless drawing …IMHO … hopefully you didn’t spend too much for

Actually glad you brought it up, this reminds me to pick up the full run of Isaac Asimov’s I-Bots, drawn by…George Perez,around the same time.

It’s about robots yo and it has more heart than that series you’re asking about…

@Don-El I’m excited to read this series. Superman (or in this case, Superman related) books are always entertaining to some extent.

It looks like Superboy Meets The 90’s, and I’m okay with that =)


I read a few issues of this several years back. It was quirky and enjoyable for what it was. I hope you enjoy it!


It is very, very 90’s but I remember it being fun back “in the day”. No idea how it holds up, I will admit 90’s comics have not aged well as a whole. But I think if you keep an open mind you might enjoy it. It was unique if nothing else.


My series set arrived from eBay a few days ago and I just finished the third issue.

I think SATR is alot of fun. It’s not aiming to reinvent western civilization or anything, it’s just a FUN series. Good ol’ superheroics and the like.


But is it flame proof?

It’s “super”, so as Kevin McCallister once said “Yes!” =)

Vroom, on the bright side, it looks like only one issue of this classic is digitized!

@DE ‘Tis indeed. I checked out the series’ digital availability before committing to my eBay purchase.

I would’ve thought they’d do the whole series when #10 was converted. That issue was part of a crossover with Superboy so I can understand why it was a priority. I’d have thought they’d have the files for 1-9 and 11-19 nearby and just snaps fingers do the whole thing at once.

The H-Dial from Dial H for Hero factors into this series. That was a nifty surprise.

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